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By Anna Maria
Published on May 29, 2020, Updated on May 29, 2020

Yumi King is a Chinese YouTuber

A Chinese YouTuber, Yumi King, isn’t short of ideas when it comes to transforming old clothes and flourishing traditional Chinese Hanfu and lolita fashion. As a result, she has garnered a massive fan following on the YouTube channel.

Born on April 26, 1991, Yumi King is originally from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. At 20, she migrated to the US with her parents and started learning English by then. Since 2013, she commenced the journey of entertaining people through beauty contents, DIYs, clothing transformation, and fashion tips.

The only child of the King family, Yumi’s fun and bubbly personality, makes the channel an intriguing watch. Let’s find out ever itsy-bitsy info on Yumi King.

Yumi King Net Worth

Most of her videos have surpassed over a million views. It’s not surprising why mankind is desperate to alter old clothes and grace chic outfits in turn. So, they hunt down many possible DIYs, clothing hacks, beauty tips, which are available in Yumi’s channel. On top of that, she flourishes pre-17th century traditional clothing of the Han Chinese as well as Lolita fashion.

It’s a known fact that YouTuber earns from ads, affiliated links, selling merchandise, using patron account, or promoting sponsored brands. In the same fashion, she promotes sponsored clothes haul. Also, she executes the patron account, which provisions her monthly income. In total, Yumi King’s net worth roughly estimates between $1 million and $5 million.

Married to Splenda?

She has hitched to a good-looking guy, Splenda, who frequently appears on the channel. Yumi often calls her husband a cheapskate since he avoids spending on her amidst the shopping. Well, she was in relationships before meeting her husband. In one of the videos, she was seen tracking her ex-boyfriends. Also, she was fetching for a partner though she had Splenda by the side.

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New video on my 2nd channel!(yumiking vlog)🥳My Husband Made Me A Surprising Birthday Cake 2 O'clock In The Morning!🥳 I know most of you like my husband’s cooking videos. I remember once we ran into my follower and she really wants he makes cooking videos. My husband now is very busy working on construction work and other stuff. We have a lot of work need to get done before baby is born, so right now we can’t make videos together regularly, maybe only once a month, I’m not sure. It’ll be mostly only me in the videos. I’ll share more of my pregnancy experiences since I feel so much better on 2nd trimester. 😊 I have a lot of more energy. Hopefully my third trimester will like this too. #birthday

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Yumi and Splenda exchanged their wedding rings on her lawn in 2017, and the ceremony clip was shared after a few months of marriage. The good news is that the couple is expecting their first child. She found out she was pregnant when she visited a doctor after frequent nauseated moments.


Besides fashion and beauty, she has an interest in food and travel. The duo’s travel vlogs on Animal Kingdom, Washington DC, and Amusement Park is accessible on the channel.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day❤️ New video is up on my 2nd channel

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Also, she can be seen munching on a variety of foods like a Chinese buffet, Japanese snacks, weight-loss diets, pregnancy cravings, spicy ox oil pig feet hot pot, and much more. Isn’t she amusing?

Body Measurements

Ever traditional Chinese outfit and Lolita fashion suits on her five feet and six inches frame. Altogether, she is a package of a pretty face, tall height, and striking fashion sense.


In 2013, she came up with the idea of beauty and fashion content for the channel. And she named the YouTube channel into the username DesignsByYumi, which mainly focused on DIYs, clothing transformations, and fashion style content. Each of the videos amassed millions of views such as ‘3 Cute&Sexy DIYs: DIY Pastel Gothic Spiked Bra +DIY Cut out Panties + DIY Cat Keyhole Sweater’, ’10 Useful&Cute Makeup Hacks For Boys&Girls’, ‘Full Face Makeup Using Peel Off Lip Stain Challenge! How Will It Turns Out?’ and many more.

Next, she launched the second channel different from the usual DIYs stuff. She named it ‘玉米Yumiking Vlog’ and filled entertaining contents like Ramen challenges, going for Chinese Buffet, having sushi with her boyfriend, and shopping haul. Yumi rules both DIYs and fun stuff altogether on the YouTube channel.


Once, she revealed how she used to be a victim of bullying in school because of her fat appearance. One of the pretty girls shamed her by calling ugly and fat girls with elephant girls in front of the crowd. At 14, she used to weight around 125 pounds-heaviest among her mates. One day she gathered her guts and asked a guy for a date. But he rejected Yumi because of the chubby appearance.

So she thought to change her lifestyle and get into a weight loss program by herself. She used to live in the dorm, where she ordered a small amount of rice and a singular dish to gulp on. What’s more, is- she tried what Chinese celebrities did for shedding some pounds. She had plain boiled vegetables and avoided having meat most of the time. Consequently, it aided her to get in the shape and elope from bullies.

Social Media

A YouTube person is active in other social media accounts too. She is available on both Instagram and Twitter, followed by over 60K fans collectively. Yumi will soon celebrate one million subscriptions with the haste of time; for now, she owns 861K subscribers. And the trio of social media isn’t stranger to Yumi’s eloquence in Hanfu and Lolita outfits

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