William Shatner Plastic Surgery: Did He Go Under The Knife?

By Anna Maria
Published on August 31, 2021, Updated on August 31, 2021

Like women, even males yearn to look desirable in their late ages. For instance, William Shatner aka Captain T. Kirk still appears youthful on the screen. Let’s go through the Canadian star Shatner’s plastic surgery adventure, specifically Botox and facelift surgery.

Born on March 22, 1931, William Shatner is renowned Captain T. Kirk in the Star Trek Franchise. The veteran actor, Shatner who is also a singer, author, producer, director, and screenwriter has spent seven decades in Cineplex, gathering numerous honors and accolades. Other than the fan-favorite Star Trek franchise, he has featured as host in ‘Rescue 911’, Tv series- Columbo; the NBC series 3rd Rock from the Sun, and the legal drama “The Practice.

The recipient of two Emmy Awards for Boston Legal, William Shatner has witnessed seven years of Hollywood and still looks a lot younger than his actual age, ninety. Did he book an appointment for plastic surgery- mainly Botox and facelift surgery?

William Shatner’s Plastic surgery details

Even male celebrities desire to look youthful when they step into the film-making studios, red carpet, premiers, and events. Still, they rarely agree to go through cosmetic surgery because they get scared of being ridiculed. Fans believe the Star Trek’s captain has undergone a knife to reduce the number of fine lines in his forehead and beside the eye’s corner alongside sagginess around the face and neck.

William Shatner Plastic Surgery

Caption: William Shatner Plastic Surgery: you won’t believe he is 90 years old

William Shatner Botox

At the age of ninety, one can imagine how people relatively grow old with wrinkles and a saggy face. However, the multi-talented actor Shatner strikes someone as being a guy in his early sixties. He has comparably few wrinkles on his forehead and beneath his eyes that one can mistakenly consider him a few years younger than his actual age. Like magic, Botox paralyzes the nerves and fixates the elasticity of the skin. He might have visited a dermatology clinic for Botox injection in the duration of three-four months.

William Shatner facelift surgery

When folks reach 60 or above, they opt for facelift surgery which reduces the folds of skin around cheeks and chin. After 60, the sagginess of the face is usually visible at most. Hence, they reserve the elasticity of the face and neck through facelift surgery. It’s also the reason people harbor suspicion about Shatner’s facelift surgery because of his contoured jawline and chin even in his nineties.

Before and After plastic surgery

Well, he still looks fresh and younger than his age on his recent 90th birthday celebration pictures.No wonder why people doubted if he underwent plastic surgery- facelift surgery and Botox injections to restore his youthful mien. The changes are apparent- he has relatively few crow’s feet and fine lines in the corner of his eyes and forehead respectively. At the same time, he bears fewer folds of skin around his jawline. He must have booked the best plastic surgeon who lifted the actor and author’s sagging facial tissue for a youthful appearance.

William Shatner before and after

Caption: William Shatner before and after: the actor in his younger days

In former pictures, his forehead showcased fine lines, whenever he smiled or made any facial gestures. These days, he appears fresh and a bit unnatural with fewer crow’s feet and saggy cheeks and jawline. No 90 years old men look like William Shatner who shines like a 60/ 70 years old guy. Perhaps the plastic surgeon had done his best job. Or, the actor might have ruled over a healthy lifestyle to look spry.

 What has William Shatner said on those rumors?

For the most part, celebrities have barely accepted the plastic surgery rumors. Well, who would love to get ridiculed for the rest of their life? Similarly, William Shatner had gone through hair transplant and hip replacement surgery which is well-known among fans. Nonetheless, he credits a healthy lifestyle instead of plastic surgery for his youthful appearance.

William Shatner plastic surgery

Caption: William Shatner plastic surgery: he follows a healthy lifestyle

There are vivid physical activities and diet plans aiding one to have a youthful demeanor. Research shows that exercise directly aids in dragging down one’s aging chromosome. What’s more is healthy diets such as vegetables, green tea, fruits, dark chocolates, and fatty fish slows down the aging phenomenon. Shatner must have combined both efforts (exercise and diet) to turn off his aging chromosome totally. Henceforth he has denied going under a knife for facelift surgery and Botox injections to restore his youthful zeal.