Has Wayne Newton Had Plastic Surgery? His Face Is Allegedly Melting!

By Sandy
Published on May 21, 2022, Updated on May 21, 2022

Has Wayne Newton Had Plastic Surgery? His Face Is Allegedly Melting! Photo credit: Getty Images

Known by his nicknames “The Midnight Idol,” “Mr. Las Vegas,” and “Mr. Entertainment,”  Wayne Newton is a renowned entertainer in America. However, he has lately been the talk of the town for his alleged botched plastic surgery. A fan claimed that Wayne now looks like a wax replica of himself after going overboard with all the plastic surgery. But is he really untreatable?

Has Wayne Newton had plastic surgery?

Wayne Newton has never implied that he has had plastic surgery. It’s obvious that his face has changed from his younger years, but it’s unclear what — if any — surgeries he’s had.

Wayne Newton plastic surgery

Photo credit: Facebook/Wayne Newton

The singer has had his own iconic wax figure in Nevada city, and some fans were wondering if there was any difference between the carbon copy and the singer’s current appearance.

In 2018, fans of The Bachelorette on Twitter were quick to speculate that Wayne had visited a doctor to have his face altered.

One person wrote:

 “Wayne Newton is at the point where you really can’t tell the difference between his actual self and his wax self at all the Vegas Museums.”

Some even said that his copious amount of plastic surgery has left him with a face incapable of movement.

A viewer tweeted:

“Wayne Newton has had so much plastic surgery that his face can’t move, but you can still see the disappointment on what’s left of it.”

Did Wayne Newton go overboard with plastic surgery?

According to several online sources, Wayne’s face appears to be melting. After The Las Vegas legend was spotted at the Super Bowl, fans were worried about his new appearance.

A source said:

“Like a lot of performers, Wayne’s petrified of aging and looking old. Now he just looks scary, like his face is thawing and dripping to the floor.”

Wayne Newton before and after photo

Wayne Newton before and after photo.

Over the last few decades, nearly every part of his face has changed. A source mockingly said:

“He has no eyelids… his mouth is a weird Joker grin and even his hairline looks fake.”

According to a cosmetic surgeon, Wayne Newton is the victim of several botched facelifts.

A source also said that Wayne’s wife, Kathleen McCrone, has been trying to make him stop, but Wayne seems addicted to surgery and he can’t stop himself.

Wayne Newton Browlift

Wayne Newton has obviously had quite a bit of facework that has left him looking plastic, which is not the intended outcome of plastic surgery.

Wayne Newton brow lift

Photo credit: Getty Images

Looking at photographs from his youth until now, the thing that is completely visible is the very high position of his brows. Yes, his facelift looks over pulled, his hairline is not entirely natural, and there is some distortion around his eyes. However, one of the most striking problems is the high position of his brows.


While Wayne Newton has a reputation for plastic surgery, the tabloids deliberately compare his appearance in 2022 to his appearance in the 80s or 90s. It’s obvious that no one will look the same after around 40 years.

Wayne Newton before and after plastic surgery

Wayne Newton before and after comparison photo.

If you compare the singer’s appearance from now to sometime in the past decade rather than way back in Newton’s extraordinarily lengthy career, he virtually looks the same. In recent interviews and public appearances, Wayne looks completely recognizable and absolutely fine.

There’s no denying that Wayne Newton uses Botox and fillers on his face, but it’s hardly news. The majority of the tabloids are devoted to criticizing his appearance in every way they can think of. It’s just all unnecessary and cruel.