Tony Reyes Weight Loss Journey – His Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By Sandy
Published on December 2, 2021, Updated on December 2, 2021

Tony Reyes' Inspirational Weight Loss Journey - His Workout Routine and Diet Plan. Photo credit: Instagram/focusfightfinish

Get all the details on Tony Reyes’ 150-pound weight loss journey. What is his diet and exercise routine? Take a look at his before and after photos.

California native Tony Reyes had been overweight since childhood and had reached a top weight of 406 pounds (184 kg) when his son was born. It was at that point that he realized that being healthy was a choice, albeit the most difficult thing he would ever do.

Tony Reyes claimed in 2015 that he had hit his ‘lowest point’ after weighing in at his heaviest weight of 29 stone while wearing size 54 pants and enormous 6XL shirts.

Reyes has lost 1st 7lbs and seven pant sizes as a result of his inspirational commitment to change his life and get healthier. Let’s take a peek at his amazing weight loss journey!

How Did Tony Reyes Lose Weight?

Tony Reyes has been overweight from childhood, and he has always been ridiculed at school because of his weight.

His eating habits were out of control; he ate a lot of junk food and was addicted to sodas and other sugary beverages, which contributed to his rapid weight gain.

Reyes’ physicians advised him that unless he made a drastic adjustment in his lifestyle, he would die young. His nurse mother, who was concerned, echoed the warning.

Tony Reyes before and after weight loss

Tony Reyes before and after weight loss transformation. Photo credit: Instagram/focusfightfinish

Reyes was terrified since his grandfather, uncles, and other relatives had all died of heart disease. Meanwhile, his 400-pound frame was crushing his lungs in bed, resulting in dangerous sleep apnea. He was placed on a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) oxygen ventilator.

His future appeared to be dismal. That is, until Ryder, his baby boy, was born.

Reyes said:

“When he was born, I was just like, ‘I cannot be an obese dad. I had this nightmare of going to pick my son up from school, and his friends making fun of him for having a fat dad the way that kids made fun of me. I didn’t want him to go through that … that was a major, major driving force in my starting to lose weight.”

Reyes modified his diet and began eating healthier with the aid of his wife. He also began doing workouts such as running and resistance training. He shed about 150 pounds in just 100 days after working hard and keeping consistent.

Now let’s have a look at Tony Reyes’ workout routine and diet plan.

Tony Reyes Weight Loss Diet Plan

Tony Reyes’ diet shifted from junk food to healthy meals made by his wife. He eats oatmeal with chia seeds and honey for breakfast, and then a protein smoothie with strawberries, banana, kale, and spinach for lunch.

Tony Reyes diet plan

Photo credit: Instagram/focusfightfinish

He eats a protein bar or yogurt with granola for a mid-morning snack.

Tony Reyes eats chicken, quinoa, and some vegetables for lunch. He eats unsalted almonds, hard-boiled eggs, or fruit for his midday snack.

Finally, he eats the same meal for dinner that he did for lunch: chicken, quinoa, and greens.

Tony Reyes Weight Loss Workout Routine

Reyes started waking up at 4 a.m. every day and going to the gym for a two-hour workout at 4.30 a.m. He exercised six days a week, doing everything from high-intensity cardio to yoga, and he met his goal of shedding 61 pounds (28 kg) in 100 days.

Reyes began documenting his fitness progress on social media, feeling more motivated than ever before.

Tony Reyes workout routine

Photo credit: Instagram/focusfightfinish

While “getting out of 300 pounds was huge,” Reyes adds that the true effort began after the rapid weight loss slowed after six months. He turned his focus to physical challenges, and in December 2020, he signed up for a 26-mile marathon.

Reyes was undeterred and opted to run his 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer practice races on his own despite the pandemic’s restrictions. One of his biggest achievements was finishing the latter on the beach in the rain, the dark, and the cold.

On Facebook and Instagram, Reyes continues to share his experiences, advice, and thoughts. He hopes that others will be inspired to have “real, open, honest, and raw conversations” with themselves and to “strap in for the long haul,” because living a healthy lifestyle is a lifetime commitment.

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