Tokyo Vanity’s Weight Loss – Went From Obese To Thick

By Anna Maria
Published on July 21, 2020, Updated on July 21, 2020

Tokyo Vanity's Weight Loss - Went From Obese To Thick

Grab all the details regarding Tokyo Vanity’s weight loss journey-how she went from being obese to thick!

She says if she didn’t make it in the gym today, she wouldn’t make it tomorrow. Yes! Tokyo Vanity, aka ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ star always clears her way to the gym to attain normal size. Though she hasn’t stated the definite pounds she had trimmed down amidst the fitness journey, the progressive weight loss is translucent on Instagram feeds.

You must have heard of Tokyo Vanity, music artist from the VH1’s reality show, ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.’ The seventh as well as eight seasons of ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ showcased how she juggled in between the relationship diaries and hip-hop array, back in 2018. Before the TV segment, she rose to fame from her 2015 hit “That’s My Best Friend,” which instantly became sensational in Instagram and Vine. Finally, the rapper, Tokyo Vanity, has taken some steps to regulate her health scares and maintain a healthy weight as a whole.

Tokyo Vanity Lose 100 Pounds

She is in no mood to skip a gym day. Since the first months of the fresh 2020, Tokyo Vanity shared her fitness journey, which comprised of healthy eating habits and intense workout regimens in the gym. She has lost more than two stones (30 pounds) following the healthy snacks and extreme gym sessions as a result.

Do you remember how she was on the verge of physical altercation with best friend, Sierra, when she confronted about the rapper’s take on pasta and fried chicken in one of the episodes? The duo couldn’t indulge in the fitness regimen; instead, Sierra thrashed Tokyo’s food in the sink. Those days, she was uncomfortable going with a weight loss plan like Sierra. Today, it seems as if she is determined to lose 100 pounds in the next six months.

“It’s already a million people on Instagram who don’t like me for being big. I don’t need my friends telling me sh-t that I don’t already know; I was fat when I woke up this morning.”

Tokyo’s Intense Workout

When she graced a black jumpsuit, one could tell at a glance that she didn’t cheat on her diet as well as the workout session. After all, she wasn’t playing at all as per her trainer. She persistently stuck throughout the meals routine and extreme workout plans without hesitation.

Once she jokingly captioned: “Y’all said y’all was gonna meet me at the gym today why y’all keep lying !!!!” in one of her workout videos.

Tokyo Vanity's Weight Loss - Went From Obese To Thick

Tokyo Vanity’s Intense Workout| Source: Instagram

Tokyo thought of shedding 30 pounds by the end of February 2020. Guess what- she lost more than 30 pounds following the strict diet plan and continuing tow workout sessions per day. Even her trainer admits, she will lose more pounds by the next six months.

“@tokyoxvanity ain’t been playing lately, following her meal plan and staying consistent with her workouts, sometimes doing 2 workouts per day. Me and shawty @tokyoxvanity came in 2020 playing no games. Dropping 16-25 pounds per month is the goal for the next 6 months.”

Shows off Weight Loss on Instagram

She hasn’t missed a chance to woo her fans through a drastic transformation on Instagram. From the workout videos to body transition, she encourages folks to follow a healthy lifestyle and get in the shape. It isn’t an overnight transformation; she broke great sweat to get a healthy shape. She is prepared to get the summer body by all means.

“Let me help y’all better see my vision wheew child 😍🥰 @bodybyted we coming for the summerrrrrrrrrrr”

On response, fans commented that they didn’t notice how much weight Tokyo lost, but she appeared amazing in the latest shoot. Similarly, the next fan applauded her weight loss transformation and encouraged her to continue the great outdoors of her body.

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