Tingting ASMR – Chinese YouTuber

By Anna Maria
Published on May 29, 2020, Updated on May 29, 2020

Tingting ASMR is a Chinese YouTuber

A Chinese YouTuber, Tingting, has many ways to make people relax from the scalp of the head and down to the entire body. In short, she branches out much possible ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos coined from brush sounds or crackles from hair treatment.

Born on December 1, 1991, she hails from Shanghai, China. Currently, she resides in LA, discovering placid sights and audios, which trigger pleasant feeling down the back of the neck and upper spine.

Since August 2017, she has been uploading sedative ASMR videos, which has a record of million views counts. Let’s figure out itsy-bitsy details on the YouTuber, Tingting ASMR.

Tingting ASMR Net Worth

She owns over million subscribers on both of the channel-one that produces soothing ASMR contents, and another that streams League of Legends. As per calculation, the channel earns revenue of $800K per year with the virtue of ads. Why wouldn’t she pocket such a hefty figure since the channel acquires an average of 450,000 views per day, and YouTubers earn between $2 and $7 per 1000 monetized views?

Altogether, her ASMR channel enjoys the riches of over 380 million views collectively. Hasn’t she accumulated a lucrative net worth of $800 thousand even though the Chinese government is hostile to ASMR videos- they tag it a vulgar and indecent watch.


Everyone knows she has a different route to paraesthesia. But how does she attain one? She loves cooking. If you have been to her ASMR videos, then you must have been to her avatar of a chef, Chinese convenience store, and Tibetan steamed bun.

She is a gamer girl too. Sometimes she plays Leauge of legends or Battlegrounds FPP on Twitch and YouTube videos. You never know what one is in to, isn’t it?

Body Measurements

She is blessed with elegant height and curvy figures, which is evident in her Insta diaries. Tingting looks radiant in both traditional Chinese outfits and western chic fashion sense. Though her height stats and body measurements aren’t available at the moment, one can tell that she fits the bill of summer attire perfectly.

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At first, she had a bedsheet, a mic, an IKEA lamp, and a webcam. Now, she is geared with modern equipment like 2x Rode NT 1 A mics, DSLR camera, and Excelone lighting kit to film the ASMR videos. Do you know most of the Chinese YouTubers work on the ASMR videos secretly? The Chinese governments exclude such activity as they thing ASMR contents are lustful and indecent.

However, in a short time, she accumulated over a million subscribers collectively from dual-channel- TingTing ASMR and Tingting 57. Among ASMR contents, “[ASMR] Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Sounds,” alongside ‘ASMR ~Ear Eating~ and Intense Mouth Sounds (No Talking)’ is one of the prominent essences of the channel, garnering million views counts.


Once, she used a bedsheet as a background while making ASMR contents. Further, she had a webcam and IKEA lamp to shoot the video; now, modern equipment has outsmarted the quality of placid sights and tranquil audios, which is the crucial requirement of ASMR.


At the moment, she uses a Sony A7RII mirrorless camera and a Sony Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lenses. Thus, the video displays more clarity.


From a usual mic, she changed to the Blue Yeti microphone. Again, she altered it to 3Dio FS and then used progressive sound quality of 2x Rode NT 1A mics linked to either Zoom H4n or Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface.


Along with camera angle, lighting equally plays a prominent role to showcase high definition pictures or videos. Initially, she had an IKEA lamp. Now she is a professional who uses Excelone lighting kit around a fancy backdrop.

Social Media

Aside from two YouTube channels- TingTing ASMR and Tingting 57, she provides a glimpse of her lifestyle through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She is either flaunting her chic outfits or adorable selfies on Instagram. In the same way, she showcases her daily routines among 9K followers of Twitter.

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Tingting ASMR