Tara Lipinski’s Plastic Surgery – Did She Really Go Under the Knife?

By Anna Maria
Published on June 3, 2020, Updated on June 3, 2020

Tara Lipinski's Plastic Surgery - Did She Really Go Under the Knife?

Grab all the details regarding Tara Lipinski’s plastic surgery!

There’s an underlying debate between natural beauty and cosmetic surgery. It never ends. Instead, folks have divided perception while celebrities have to live upon the dissected opinions. For example, the former professional skater, Tara Lipinski, who currently is a broadcaster for the figure skating events, is often subjected to Google search terms such as plastic surgery.

She is the youngest skater to win U.S. Nationals. A sports commentator, Tara Lipinski, has the honors of the 1998 Olympic champion, the 1997 World champion, a two-time Champions Series Final champion, and the 1997 U.S. national championships. She is an unforgettable gem, who accomplished a triple loop-triple loop combination and a signature jump in a competition. Let’s find out if plastic surgery is a reason behind Tara Lipinski’s youthful appearance.

Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery

Isn’t plastic surgery a miracle among the people who long to leave behind their grey-haired trails? They mainly go for two types of plastic surgery based on the requirements.

Cosmetic surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery

Tara Lipinski’s Plastic Surgery – Did She Really Go Under the Knife? Source: US Magazine

If one desires to change their appearance by tucking up required fats or extracting the folds of skin, it’s cosmetic surgery. Similarly, if one alters an appearance, which is a result of birth defect, trauma, or accident, the medical procedure is known as reconstructive surgery. Both of the options coincides the feminine beauty ideals, which varies across culture. A plastic surgeon of Florida, Dr. Tal Rounder, has different answers to Tara Lipinski’s young look. Let’s sort them out.

Before and After

Most of the people would go for her age-defying beauty, while Dr. Tal Rounder says Lipinski has undergone a series of procedures to return back on her ages. Exactly, she appears young with fewer wrinkles around the eye and forehead and plump upper lips and cheeks. Even the before and after pictures of the former skater is undeniable.

Tara Lipinski Before and After

Tara Lipinski Before and After | Source: Life & Style

According to Dr. Tal Rounder, she might have opted for Botox on the forehead and around her eyes. As a result, she doesn’t have frown lines and crow’s feet whenever she smiles. Further, the doctor pointed out if she had injected dermal fillers on her cheeks and upper lip as the duo avoids the sunken look. Again, he suspected whether she had done a nose job and chin fillers because of the subtle change in the nose and increased structural support in the lower face, respectively.

Does Tara need to go under the knife?

In the pursuit of beauty, they either want to be beautiful or ordinary, putting an end to societal beauty standards. Tara Lipinski hasn’t addressed the plastic surgery rumors yet. She has only stated the benefits of sleeping nine hours a day is a direct benefit to age-defying beauty.

Nine hours. I needed nine hours [when competing], and I still do. Seven hours I can sort have worked on, but once we’re below seven, I’m in a fog.”

Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery

Tara Lipinski, a former figure skater | Source: Pinterest

When she was two years old, she pretended as if she won the gold medal and stood on a Tupperware bowl, while watching the 1984 Summer Olympics. After a year, she was already into roller skating, and at nine, she was a national champion of the age group. She walked home with awards and recognition at every figure skating championships. Did you know, she has performed in 300 live shows before she took retirement in 2002? She is as beautiful as she used to skate with musicality and poise for years.

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