Sonia Kruger Weight Loss – How She Maintains Her Enviable Figure?

By Sandy
Published on April 24, 2022, Updated on April 24, 2022

Sonia Kruger Weight Loss - How She Maintains Her Enviable Figure? Photo credit: Instagram/soniakruger

Sonia Kruger is known for her incredible age-defying physique. She always has viewers stunned by her toned physique and now she’s shared her fitness secret. Here is what you need to know about the simple workout and diet secrets behind her enviable figure.

Sonia Kruger has been gracing our television screens for years, and every time she hosts a show or does her regular gig on the Morning Show, the popular presenter always leaves viewers stunned over her toned physique.

In fact, her finely defined arms and toned legs are the features that garner the most attention. When The Voice host uploads a photo of herself on Instagram, fans bombard her with questions about how she stays fit.

The 56-year-old Kruger focuses on good nutrition and exercises regularly to stay fit and maintain her weight.

Sonia Kruger Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight?

Sonia Kruger is the first to admit that she was never someone to turn to for advice about health and fitness when she was young.

The Voice host has been a regular on our TV screens for years, but behind the scenes, her life was all “pizza and champagne”, and a good night’s sleep was unheard of.

Sonia Kruger fitness, fit body

Photo credit: Instagram/soniakruger

But her approach to her health has changed massively since the arrival of her daughter Maggie in 2015, so much so that she launched her own fitness and nutritional program, Strictly You, in 2019. And champagne and pizza are nowhere to be seen now.

It’s obvious that Kruger has lost some weight over the years since she seriously started focusing on fitness. However, she has never disclosed her actual weight and hasn’t revealed the amount of weight she shed from her clean eating habits and exercises.

All Kruger talks about is her approach to fitness. As she has been a professional dancer her whole life, she always had a toned and fit physique. So, Kruger never focused on losing weight instead she focused on how she could stay fit and maintain her body weight.

Sonia Kruger Diet and Workout Routine

Staying fit and healthy is a top priority for Kruger, especially since the birth of her daughter Maggie in 2015 when she was just shy of 50. After the birth of her daughter, she turned to healthy eating and regular exercise and even launched a healthy eating and fitness program called Strictly You. 

The mother-of-one said she tries to eat as well as she can for the most part, with salmon, nuts, broccoli, and cherries a staple in her diet. She revealed she eats vegetables, salads, and protein but has the occasional treat.


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Kruger explained it’s important to have everything in moderation and consume foods that are nutritious. She said:

‘You have got to give yourself little treat days and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.’

The presenter isn’t afraid to indulge in the odd bucket of hot chips for a cheat meal from time to time.

Sonia Kruger Workout and Diet Tips

1. Eat vegetables, salads, and lean protein but also enjoy treat days

2. Enjoy everything in moderation

3. Consume foods that are nutritious

4. Find time to complete daily exercise – even if you workout at home

When it comes to exercise, Kruger revealed she loves to do workouts at home in the morning. She also said that she tries to be consistent with her workout program every day to achieve her toned frame.

Sonia Kruger toned body

Photo credit: Instagram/soniakruger

The TV presenter told:

“Whether it’s one of the dance routines, or an upper or lower body workout, it’s important to stay as active as possible. I also see a great physio for weight training and conditioning.”

She added:

“My advice would be to make a start and, before you know it, 30 minutes of exercise has flown by”.

Sonia Kruger workout

Photo credit: Instagram/soniakruger

Sonia Kruger also disclosed that her twice-weekly personal training sessions with Sydney celebrity PT Dan Adair are also the reason behind her incredible shape. She told Now To Love:

‘Things like pull-downs, push-ups [and] pull-ups are all go-to moves.’

Other things that keep her in shape are dance and music-based workouts, which she devised for her website Strictly You – and which help to make working out fun.