Sara Davies Weight Loss Journey: Her Health Targets and Workout Routine

By Sandy
Published on December 3, 2021, Updated on December 3, 2021

Sara Davies Weight Loss Journey: Her Health Targets and Workout Routine. Photo credit: Instagram/saradaviescc

In September 2021, Sara Davies, a DRAGON’S Den star, astonished Strictly Come Dancing audiences with her incredible transformation. Get to know all the details about Sara Davies’ weight loss journey.

Sara Davies is a well-known British entrepreneur, businesswoman, and TV personality. She was a contestant for Strictly Come Dancing 2021. Unfortunately, she became the seventh celebrity to be eliminated from the nineteenth series of the dancing reality show.

The businesswoman, who is the founder and owner of Crafter’s Companion, has garnered numerous honors for her achievements in the industry, including 25 business awards and an MBE for services to the economy in 2016. In April 2019, she replaced Jenny Campbell and joined the panel of Dragon’s Den for its seventeenth series.

Apart from her professional achievements, Sara Davies is making rounds on the internet for her incredible transformation. How many pounds did she shed from her weight loss journey? Let’s find out:

Sara Davies Weight Loss Journey

Sara Davies embarked on a weight-loss journey after physicians encouraged her to do so after she developed gestational diabetes throughout her pregnancy.

Soon after, she booked and paid for a trainer three mornings a week for three months right after the appointment.


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Sara wrung every penny out of her trainer by pushing herself to the point of exhaustion. She described herself as feeling like Forrest Gump as she ran.

After running 11 kilometers, her body started to feel achy all over, but Sara had to keep running because it was a circular track. Her life was on the verge of killing her as a result of the runs.

However, Sara didn’t give up, and now she weighs 62 kg, which is her optimum weight.

Sara Davies Admitted She’s not Body Confident

Being on national TV has made many celebrities want to lose weight. However, Sara has never bothered about flaunting her plumpy body on the screen. Though she has admitted to not being body confident, she never fails to amaze viewers with her glam appearance.

Sara Davies weight

Sara Davies admitted to not being body confident. Photo credit: Instagram/saradaviescc

Sara says:

“I’m not body confident at all. You’d think being on national TV would have made me want to lose weight – but clearly I wasn’t bothered enough!

She even admitted worrying about wearing “skimpy” dresses on Strictly Come Dancing.

Sara Davies’ Health Targets

Sara disclosed her health targets forward of the latest collection of Strictly Come Dancing. The Dragon’s Den star started working hard to get in better shape ahead of the competition, and she had big expectations for where her health will go next.

Sara Davies Strictly Come Dancing

Photo credit: Instagram/saradaviescc

The businesswoman revealed:

“I’ve been operating so much, so I’ve been making an attempt to get my health ranges up.”

Sara expressed her satisfaction with the coaching and her achievement of “peak health.” She indicated that she was keen to be “Strictly-fied” and show herself in a less severe light, rather than the austere persona she portrays on Dragon’s Den.

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