Regina Hall Not Married, But Not Always Single – Her Relationship Status

By Anna Maria
Published on May 24, 2020, Updated on May 24, 2020

Regina Hall is not married but was never single.

An American actress and comedian, Regina Hall is one of the proudest glare of Hollywood. She made us giggle and laugh out loud at TV shows “Ally McBeal” and “Black Friday.” Though she debuted at her mid-twenties, she has a remarkable presence as Brenda in the “Scary Movie” film series from 2000 to 2005 and Lisa Conroy in the comedy film “Support the Girls.”

In the same fashion, she tasted the privileges of relationships and dating in the middle of Hollywood fame. She has relentlessly conversed about what it feels like to date in her 40s and how she almost became a nun after the ugly break-up. Let’s reveal them all.

Not Married Yet

She has possibly tasted all of the perks and price of relationships. There was something between Regina Hall and Harper Hill, an actor notable for a TV show: CSI: NY, Limitless, and The Good Doctor. Even Hill confirmed that they were more than friends. He couldn’t resist someone as beautiful, funny, and amazing women as Hall. Everyone thought they would tie the knot as soon as possible.

Regina Hall Relationship status

Once Regina Hall used to date Harper Hill | Source: Pinterest

But, he had a fear of commitment, and it ended their relationship instantly. The actor realized that they would end up with a big heartbreak as his parents did when he was young. Perhaps he grew up with commitment phobia since then. Otherwise, the duo would make outstanding spouses. Well, future held alternative writ for Regina Hall.

Does Regina have a Boyfriend?

She comprehends why people are inquisitive about her private affairs. It’s human nature. The comedian and actress often receive calls from the close ones and fill up her ear as if they heard spicy news on her. Back in 2016, she was rumored to be dating her Barbershop: The Next Cut co-star Common. In response, Common shut down the tittle-tattle and cleared out that they were only mates from the same space.

Regina Hall Relationship Status

Common shuts down the rumor with Regina Hall | Source: E!

Perhaps, starring in most of the Wayans Bros movies fumed in the rumor if Hall and Damien Dante were dating. As per the sources, they went through on and off the relationship phase. Well, there’s evidence, the living example, when he came to meet her on the set. Almost the crew members sniffed romance between them, but that has been gone now.

Regina Hall Relationship Status

Regina Hall leaving Oscar party with Chadwick Boseman | Source: Pinterest

Again, she was linked with Blank Panther star Chadwick Boseman. The media captured them, leaving an Oscar party together. It might be a co-incident. What led the press to believe he was dating Hall despite being in a relationship with Taylor Simone Ledward? On the closer look, the video clip released the pair holding hands when leaving an Oscar party. Some of the sources also fueled the rumor that the duo was spotted together in many of the events. However, neither of them validated gossip tales.

Almost Became a Nun

What could an ugly break-up lead, you can ask Regina Hall? In 2010, she thought of turning into nun after the worst split she ever had. She loved going to churches and invest her time in meditation. So, she pitched the idea of being a novice. Nonetheless, she couldn’t join the religious community because of her age and the numbers of partners she had:

“But I was too old. Every sect has different rules and this particular one I was interested in, their idea was that this wasn’t a plan B. It’s not; life’s not good so I wanna be a nun. Some of them limit you by the number of partners you’ve had – but I couldn’t join those either.”

Regina Hall almost became a nun

Regina Hall almost became a nun | Source: NY Times

Believe it or not, she thought of the same idea when she fourteen. She attended Catholic school and loved how nuns dwelt without worrying about what to wear. Additionally, she adored the tranquility while praying. While they were looking out for a young girl to join the convent, she thought for a go.

Thoughts of Getting Married?

She is a family person. Hall hasn’t confirmed any of her rumors but opened up what are the best perks of relationship. In an interview with MadameNoire, she revealed that she longs for family and kids. Further, she stated that she’d want to nurture a boy and offer the world a fantastic kid of Black ethnic background.

“I want a family. I look forward to having kids one day and having a great partnership. I’d love to raise a son. I think I’d like to offer the world an amazing black man.”

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