Rebel Wilson’s Net Worth – How Rich is this Australian Actress?

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Published on May 27, 2020, Updated on May 27, 2020

Rebel Wilson has cheap as well as expensive cars.

Grab all the details regarding Rebel Wilson’s net worth, income, salary, cars, and properties!

An Australian actress and comedian, Rebel Wilson has portrayed memorable characters- such as Brynn in “Bridesmaid”, Becky Archer in “Bachelorette” and Fat Amy in “Pitch Perfect”. She is the scene-stealer of most of the Cineplex; the actress might be naturally funny or hilariously antic on the screen that folks find her a fun character, whatever she does.

In the wonderland of movies and TV projects, there’s no denying that she is blessed with hefty earnings. How much does she make per films and TV shows? Is Rebel Wilson the wealthiest actress of Australia?

Rebel Wilson Net Worth

She owns a whooping net worth of $16 million, altogether. Initially, she thought of taking mathematics but changed her mind to Law and Arts at the University of New South Wales. Once, she caught malaria in South Africa, where the infirmity caused her hallucination about self winning Oscar as an actress. The uneven circumstances persuaded her to grip the entertainment industry all of sudden.

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Well, she assembles her remuneration from movie or TV projects primarily. Believe it or not, she walked away home with AUD 4.56 million, after succeeding defamation action against Woman’s Day magazine. She is quite brainy when it comes to adding and investing property with her hardworking earnings. For example, she procured Sydney harbourside home in $3.75 million and again purchased $1.88 million worth two-bedroom apartment.

Income from Movies

No brainer, she receives a bulky paycheck from movies and TV shows. Most of the movies have grossed millions of figures worldwide. The movie franchise, Pitch Perfect, where she plays Fat Amy secured $589,406,227 all over the world. Similarly, Bachelorette collected over $12 million, while Isn’t it Romantic guarded surplus of $48 million.

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Again her movie, “Cats,” gathered $75 million last year, making Wilson the funniest woman of Hollywood.  Also, she voiced the video game, “Ice Age-Continental Drift-Artic Games,” which grossed $879 million in total. If the movies, TV shows, or video games assembled millions of figures, it’s obvious that she has often pocketed bankable paycheck, no doubt.

Won $3.6 million against Woman’s Day Magazine

In 2017, she received compensation of AUD 4.56 million after winning a defamation action against Woman’s Day magazine. Well, her lawyers demanded more of the compensation as she missed out on major films following the defamation article of the magazine. She was affected both psychologically and physically as a result of the publications in the Woman’s Day magazine. As per the source, the publication failed to investigate properly before alleging and eventually publishing her as a serial liar, back in 2015.  In return the judge finalized the damaged she suffered from the vindication:

“The damage suffered by Miss Wilson warrants a substantial damages award to vindicate her and nail the lie. Substantial vindication can only be achieved by an award of damages that underscores that Ms Wilson’s reputation as an actress of integrity was wrongly damaged in a manner that affected her marketability in a huge worldwide marketplace.”

$16 Million Real Estate Properties

After fame, she gathered $16 million of estate properties. It began in 2014 when she bought $3.7million Birchgrove home. She went it easy in its renovation from $1 million expenditure and $70,000 on an elevator in 2019. The actress joked that she wouldn’t walk most of the time, hence incurred for a private elevator to get on different floors.

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Also, she resides on a $4.6 million West Hollywood hideout. It’s a two-story house accompanied by clapboard sidings and a picket fence. One of its fascinating attributes is an open-plan living and dining room with a fireplace.

Rebel Wilson House

Rebel Wilson’s West Hollywood hideout | Source: Variety

Again in 2017, she bought the apartment of a two-bedroom abode in a luxury Tribeca condominium of New York, worth $4.6 million. Media mongers wouldn’t able to trespass easily because it has communal indoor amenities, 24-hour concierge, and underground parking facility.

Rebel Wilson Net Worth

Rebel Wilson’s two-bedroom apartment in Balmain | Source: Real Estate

After a year, she splashed $1.88 million on a two-bedroom apartment in Balmain. It’s a dream house with two spacious bedrooms on 150 sq meter, any folks would desire for.

As a landlord in one of the units of Gladesville investment properties, she was earning $595-a-week in rent. She sold it for $800K after purchasing it for $740,000 five years ago. Wilson surely knows to make a profit while she went to a bit of loss after selling another unit for $880 thousand as she bought it for $885K.

Has Cheap to Expensive Cars

Being wealthy and riding a car isn’t that a dream? Wilson is rich and famous. The paycheck from movies and TV shows is a quite hefty figure to own cars like Toyota Prius and black Royals Royce. One of the Instagram posts includes her posing next to and inside of a matte black Rolls Royce in Sydney.

She was also spotted in a limo while making it to the premiere of ‘Cats” in 2019. And one of the fans spilled the truth, “You haven’t made it officially until you roll up in a limo.”

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The next one is Toyota Prius- the first hybrid vehicle marketed into mass production. It’s also one of her comfy cars composed of bioplastic and equipped with touch-screen technology, Bluetooth capability, a solar panel roof, and a 1.8-liter gas engine.

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