Pauly D Tattoos Collection: Meaning Behind His Tattoos Explained!

By Sandy
Published on December 6, 2021, Updated on December 6, 2021

Pauly D Tattoos Collection: Meaning Behind His Tattoos Explained! Photo credit: Instagram/djpaulyd

Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio was a regular feature on the small screen for six seasons of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” which aired from 2009 to 2012. Fans of the reality show saw the aspiring DJ get into all kinds of mischief, which eventually helped him become a household name.

Following his small screen debut, Pauly D has always been busy. He’s launched spinoff shows, embraced fatherhood with daughter Amabella, and starred in the reboot series “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.” 

Pauly D Tattoos Collection

Throughout these years, Pauly D’s extensive tattoo collection has remained a continual source of intrigue. Although some of his tattoos – such as his elbow star – have been dubbed “worst,” some have special meanings.

If you are keen to know the meaning behind Pauly D’s tattoos, keep reading.

Pauly D’s Favorite Tattoo Pays Homage to His Best Friend

In 2005, Pauly D’s best friend William “Billy” Iannotti, an owner of Krazy Karz, died in a motorcycle accident. To honor his late friend, the reality TV star got a cross tattooed on his right bicep. The medium-sized design has the words “In Loving Memory” above the cross and “R.I.P. Billy” within it.

Pauly D bestfriend tribute tattoo

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However, in late 2010, Pauly D stopped by Indelible Ink Tattoo Studio in Fall River, Massachusetts, and made three additions to his ink collection. Tony Estrella (tattoo artist) added the face of Jesus and Mary (above) and a tombstone around the cross in a 12-hour session.

In 2011, Pauly D told The Baltimore Sun:

“I have eight tattoos [but] my favorite one is my rest in peace tattoo for my buddy Billy. It’s the only tattoo that I have that has real meaning.”

Pauly D’s Forearm Tattoo is a Tribute to a Supermodel

The Jersey Shore star used his entire right forearm to pay tribute to someone he’d never met before.

Pauly D supermodel tattoo

Photo credit: Instagram/djpaulyd

In December 2014, Pauly D took to Instagram to announce that he had permanently paid tribute to one of the world’s most renowned supermodels. The DJ proudly displayed a big black and gray portrait of a mysterious beauty with long, flowing hair shielding her left eye.

The tat is actually a portrait of supermodel Adriana Lima. At the time, Pauly D wrote in the caption: “In Honor Of #VSFashionShow #VSFS2014,” tagging Lima.

Pauly D’s Flag Tatto Reflects His Patriotism

The reality star has a “skin tear” Italian flag tattoo in the middle of his back. The “green, white, and red  flag” tattoo sits below the tribal design and above a Gothic line of script that reads “Pauly D.”

Pauly D flag tattoo

Photo credit: Instagram/djpaulyd

The Italian flag tattoo shows his love for his nation. During a 2011 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he told:

“It’s like my skin ripping through and underneath is the Italian flag cause I’m an Italian man.”

Pauly D’s “Star” Tattoo is Dedicated to his Favorite Clothing Line

Pauly D has inked a star made up of three star-shaped outlines within one another on his left elbow. The tattoo that he received at the Federal Hill Tattoo Shop in Rhode Island is a tribute to his favorite clothing line, Dirty Couture.

Pauly D star tattoo

Photo credit: Instagram/djpaulyd

According to a source, the star design is a nod to his friend who runs the label. In 2010, Pauly D himself told Radar Online:

“Yeah, I got a new tattoo, it’s a logo from my boy’s clothing line. I love his clothes, I wear it all the time.”

Dirty Couture was founded by his childhood friend, Pasquale Dipippo.

Pauly D’s Cadillac and Dragon Tattoos

Pauly D dragon tattoo

Photo credit: Instagram/djpaulyd

The DJ has inked the word “Cadillac” in the side of his torso as his favorite automobile is a Cadillac. The script runs from his right armpit down to his pelvis. He also has a dragon tattoo on his left upper arm.

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