Whereabouts on Paul Walker Ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain | Their Relationship in Detail

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Published on January 19, 2022, Updated on January 19, 2022

Paul Walker's ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain Relationship details!

Rebecca McBrain, a retired school teacher and servicewoman, rose to prominence for her connection with the Fast & Furious franchise actor Paul Walker. The whereabouts of his ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain have been a source of speculation following his unexpected death in a vehicle accident with a friend in November 2013.

Find out how Rebecca’s life has changed since the catastrophe. Also, learn more about her relationship with her grown daughter Meadow.

Her Relationship With Paul Walker

McBrain and Walker met in 1998 and started dating nearly right away. He was a newcomer to the entertainment industry with only a few projects under his belt at the time.

Rebecca McBrain Paul Walker

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The following year, she was expecting a child. And on November 4 the couple welcomed their daughter, Meadow Rain Walker.

Rebecca McBrain Meadow Walker

Late Paul Walker and her daughter Meadow Walker (Photo: Instagram)

According to sources, McBrain urged her then-boyfriend to marry her soon after their daughter was born, but he wasn’t ready at the time due to his burgeoning Hollywood career. Plus, he believed he was too young to marry.

After that, the two parted ways.

Paul Walker Daughter’s Custody

As Walker was still on the fence about marrying Rebecca McBrain, she relocated to Hawaii with her newborn baby, feeling dissatisfied. Their daughter Meadow Rain Walker was a toddler at the time.

Meadow spent most of her youth in Hawaii with her mother, but in 2011 she relocated to California with her father after McBrain lost custody of her daughter.

Rebecca McBrain Meadow Walker, Paul Walker

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A deep relationship existed between the father and the daughter. Likewise, her actor father desired to take a break from his hectic acting schedule to be a full-time dad. In an exclusive interview with EW, he said,

“My heart was desperate for so many years with the situation with my daughter. She’s living in Hawaii and she’s there and I’m running here. My daughter lives with me full time now and she’s the best partner I’ve ever had. It’s so nuts. I’ve never had anything like this in my life.”

In an emotional interview with CBS Los Angeles, Paul’s father, Paul Walker Sr, also revealed his son’s love for Meadow. He cited a remark made by his son.

“I want to take a hiatus. She’s just 15 and I don’t have much more time to be with her. And then boom, he got another movie. He would say, ‘I don’t know what to do.”

The actor was also reportedly close with his baby’s mother, Rebecca, who resided in Hawaii.

What Happened To McBrain & Meadow After Walker’s Death?

Walker, 40, and Roger Rodas, 38, had left an event for Walker’s charity ‘Reach Out Worldwide for victims of Typhoon Haiyan’ on November 30, 2013, with Rodas driving his 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. The car drove into a concrete light post and two trees in a 45 mph speed zone on Hercules Street in Valencia, a district of Santa Clarita, California, and caught fire.

Rebecca McBrain Paul Walker Death

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Rodas died from several injuries, while Walker died from a combination of injuries and burns. Both of their bodies had been entirely consumed by fire.

The actor’s untimely and terrible death stunned everyone, especially his daughter. At the moment, his daughter was also present at the ceremony. On the other hand, Rebecca was in Hawaii and went to California shortly after the tragedy.

Meadow expressed her sadness on Facebook at the time, writing,

“When I was little he taught me to walk, taught me to smile, and taught me to never give up. I love him even before I knew what love was. He was my hero. My REAL life hero! He will always be in my heart! It brings tears in my eyes as I write this. You’re gone, but not forgotten! R.I.P Dad!”

After his death, meadow became the sole beneficiary of her father’s assets, including a $25 million net worth.

Meadow’s Grandmother Filed For Her Guardianship

Cheryl Ann Walker, the late actor’s mother, petitioned to be the legal guardian of her granddaughter Meadow in March 2014, stating McBrain had an alcohol addiction. However, a source close to Rebecca told E! News that she is a responsible mother and has a beautiful bond with her daughter.

“She loves her. he has always been and will always be a good mother and there is no reason for a change. She will fight this, I’m sure, until her last breath to be [Meadow’s] mom. All she wants is to have her child.”

McBrain told Cheryl about her hasty choice to enter a recovery center a few days following Cheryl’s filing. Meadow’s grandma then promised that if she could finish the program, she would withdraw the guardianship issue.

Rebecca McBrain Bio

McBrain (aka Rebecca Soteros) was born in the state of California in 1974. She was brought up alongside her younger brother Joshua by their parents, Julie Ann and Mark Soteros.

Unfortunately, her mother passed away in July 2004 at the age of 48.

Rebecca McBrain Paul Walker, Bio

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She received her schooling at Village Christian School and graduated in 1992.

Where Is Rebecca McBrain Now?

Rebecca is currently residing in Los Angeles and working as a teacher, according to tabloid reports.

She is also said to work behind the scenes for a few charity groups.

The Paul Walker Foundation, founded by their daughter Meadow in 2015, is one of the non-profit groups that McBrain sponsors. It mostly assists students interested in pursuing a degree in marine science.

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