Olivia Sui – Chinese-American Actress

By Anna Maria
Published on May 18, 2020, Updated on May 19, 2020

Olivia Sui is an actress as well as a YouTuber.

Olivia Sui is the Chinese-American actress who is known for her appearances in the comedy sketch channel, Smosh. Since 2015, she has been contributing to both comedy skits and hosting “Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover and “Whoa! Nature Show”.

Born in 1993, Olivia Sui is originally from China and commuted to the US at the age of two. She blows up birthday candles every 14th of August.

Before being a Smosh Squad, Olivia Sui primarily went for TV shows- Weeds, Warzone, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Let’s hunt out every minute details of an actress, Olivia Sui.

Olivia Sui’s Net Worth

From Vine to TV show to social media sensation, she attempted every lane and finally stuck as a cast member of the comedy sketch channel, Smosh. Viewers know that she is an exceptional player when it comes to cards. She is the only participant to earn MVP twice in Smosh Seasonal Games.

The channel has bagged the honor of being the most subscribed means on YouTube. And the comedy sketch channel, Smosh, owns $9.4 million as of 2020. So she earns a bulk figure from her squad. Some sources estimate that she receive remunerative payroll between $70K-80K.

Dating Sam Lerner

She bonds amicably with her mother. Till the age of thirteen, she had an awkward and distant relationship with her father. Since he used to work overseas, the pair had no time to blend in with one another company. When she was thirteen, her father taught her to ride a bike for her role in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. At first, she thought it would be unpleasant; instead, it landed more weight on their relationship.

Olivia Sui with her boyfriend, Sam Lerner

Olivia Sui with her boyfriend, Sam Lerner Source: Zimbio

Previously, she dated James Law, a photographer. Back in 2014, he mostly filled her Instagram feeds and stories. After four years, he was occasionally spotted in her social media diaries. Eventually, they grew apart as they unfollowed one another on Instagram. In the same year, she got lucky in romance again with Sam Lerner, an actor who works with Shayne on The Goldbergs. In the beginning, Shayne was uncomfortable with the pair because both of them were in their loving relationship. Once he knew they are meant to be more than mates, he approved the duo’s romance.


Asides from comedy, she is proficient at card games. For instance, she won over Joven in the Game Bang episode “SMOSH AGAINST HUMANITY”. Additionally, she won in the Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover episode “BUCKET OF DOOM W/ THE SMOSH SQUAD.

Olivia Sui Dance Photos

One of the few Olivia’s dance photos. Source: Tumblr

Olivia Sui also has an interest in dancing. At the age of five, she trained as a ballet dancer. It appears as if she had already unswerving loyalty for the entertainment field. Well, she had alternatives too. If she wasn’t entailed over the acting profession, she intended to become a teacher.

Body Measurements

She is slender at the height of five feet and six inches. The social media personality is in the ideal fit of 58kg, depending upon the height.


She is notable as the most blizzard cast members of the Smosh. Similarly, she has made a name for herself with the virtue of catchphrase, “Life’s a Party” and “You’re a Boy”. In the beginning, she was confused with Japanese-American actress, Mari Takahashi who is also a cast member of Smosh.

Olivia is known for playing in Smosh

Olivia Sui is the Chinese-American actress who is known for her appearances in the comedy sketch channel, Smosh. Source: YouTube

Before plunging into YouTube, she acted in TV shows- Weeds, Warzone, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In addition to TV shows, she collaborated with web stars Marcus Johns, Josh Darnit, and Brandon Calvillo on Vine.


She munches on tacos, pizza, and chocolate yet bears no extras fat over the belly. Olivia Sui dances and swims to stay in the best shape.

Did you know she didn’t learn swimming till 2018? She is afraid of water, but in 2018 she regularly attended swimming classes. Now, she can swim at a short distance.

Social Media

She showcases her ways of living in social media, from being a big foodie to a traveler. With 652K followers on Instagram, she is a zestful personality around YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook too.

Watch Olivia’s most-watched video on her YouTube Channel:

She has frequently been uploading vlogs, challenges, podcasts, and interviews on her YouTube channel since 2015. Further, she is insanely active on Twitter about her daily routines and work projects.