Niykee Heaton Plastic Surgery – Denies Going Under the Knife But Changes Aren’t Natural At All

By Sandy
Published on March 21, 2022, Updated on March 21, 2022

Niykee Heaton Denies Plastic Surgery, But Her Changes Aren't Natural At All. Photo credit: Instagram/niykeeheaton

Over the past years, the changes in Niykee Heaton’s body don’t seem natural at all. Fans suspect she has had multiple plastic surgeries done on her body to look attractive. 

Singer and model Niykee Heaton has never publicly admitted to having undergone plastic surgery. Because of her YouTube channel, the Bad Intentions singer grew in front of the camera, and the changes in her body are viewed by millions of people, and they do not appear natural.

Niykee Heaton Plastic Surgery – Details!

Heaton, who began her career by posting cover songs of contemporary artists on YouTube, has always been open about her rough childhood, particularly the bullying she endured for her physical looks. So, fans would be happy if she was candid about her plastic surgeries too. After all, the changes in her body don’t seem to be natural.

Watch the video titled: Niykee Heaton on Her Body Image: “I Thought I Was So Ugly” 

Does Niykee Heaton Have Breast Implants?

Niykee Heaton’s chest has changed dramatically when compared to her younger days. She appears to have gone from A-cup to D-cup overnight.

Niykee Heaton breast augmentation

Niykee Heaton breast augmentation | Photo credit: ©

In addition, the musician has implicitly agreed to have undergone breast surgery. Back in 2016, she tagged her breasts to plastic surgeon Ashkan Ghavami in an Instagram post.

Ashkan Ghavami is the Beverly Hills-based celebrity plastic surgeon whose clients include Stassie Karanikolaou and Iggy Azalea.

Did Niykee Heaton Get a Butt Lift?

Butts can appear different depending on the angle of the camera or the stance. A specific fitness regimen can also affect the form of the buttocks. But a drastic change in the butt is rare.

Niykee Heaton butt lift

Niykee Heaton’s butt lift | Photo credit: ©

When Heaton’s current butt is compared to her previous butt, the difference is apparent. Her buttocks were completely flat when she was little; but, in later images, her buttocks have volume and definite shape as well.

People believe the Starting Over singer used Brazilian butt lift. In this process, the fat is extracted from areas such as the thighs or stomach and injected into the buttocks.

Apparent Signs of Lip Fillers and Botox Injections

Pouty lips have become a must-have for celebrities, especially those who prefer to take selfies on social media. There is no denying that huge lips are seductive, but they may also be distracting, especially if they appear too large for the face.

Niykee Heaton lip fillers

Niykee Heaton lip fillers | Photo credit: ©

Niykee Heaton, sadly, suffered the same fate. Because she had such thin lips in the past, the sudden bigger lips were noticeable and, to some extent, distracting.

Botox is commonly used to reduce wrinkles and lines on the face as people age. So it’s hard to believe Heaton, who is only twenty-seven years old, would have used it.

Niykee Heaton botox injections

Niykee Heaton botox injections | Photo credit: ©

However, it is also true that the singer’s face looks different than it did when she was younger. Her skin is tighter, particularly around her cheeks, giving her the desirable oval shape. Also, when she speaks, her mouth appears tight, which is common in persons who have had botox treatment.