Natsumiii – Net Worth, Dating Life, Body Measurements, Facts

By Anna Maria
Published on May 31, 2020, Updated on May 31, 2020

Natsumiii is a Chinese-Canadian YouTuber.

A Chinese-Canadian YouTuber, Natsumiii has strings attached as a parody artist, making cover songs, and a gamer. She is an amusing personality, who creates League of Legends parodies of songs by singers Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

Born on July 3, 1991, Wendy, aka, Natsumiii, is originally from China. She spent childhood days with her older brother. The duo immigrated to Canada with parents when they were young.

Previously notable from the dual-channel- Sweetiebutt and LoLNatsumiii, she has mononymously went into Natsumiii, catching up both gaming contents and parody songs. Let’s figure out every minute detail on Natsumiii.

Natsumiii’s Net Worth

It’s a high time era that even gamer pockets an enormous amount from streaming live games. There used to be the time where there was no future for a player- it was merely a time pass tactics. Further, she gained recognition from performing parody songs for League of Legends such as ‘GG Next’ likewise Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank You, Next.’

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Nowadays, she follows new tricks of Dr. Wondy to assemble fans. The new content of Dr. Wondy is a home to nurture patients of anxiety and relationship struggles. This way, she hasn’t been short of followers on the purchase of ‘Natsumiii & The Boys keychains,’ founded alongside a digital artist, Anh D. Nguyen. Isn’t she up to the minute of accumulating net worth for herself? Howbeit, Natsumiii’s net worth s tentatively reviewed for the next year.

Is Natsumiii dating anyone?

She has answers to relationship hassles. First, she makes sure that she is a good listener and then responds accordingly to the queries. When on girl asked Wendy how to pursue a guy, she answered that guys always don’t have to make a move. Guys like when girls pursue a first move, as per Dr. Wondy.

Though she hasn’t hinted about her relationship status and dating tale, she is an expert adviser on relationship issues. Similarly, she has a smooth response on how to take a relationship to the next level. She suggests the guy go slow with either a warm hug or peck on the forehead.


She is into making music, playing the piano, and then games.  And she has shared most of the hobbies on YouTube. From playing piano on ‘Konoya Na Uta’ cover to singing Carly Rae Jepsen’s parody version, ‘Charm You Baby,’ she is proficient in music or parody artist. On the same note, she never misses sharing fun highlights of the game on both Twitch and YouTube.

Body Measurements

She is adorably pretty with a big circular glass on. As in the picture, she looks like she stands over five feet and three inches in height, as the stats aren’t available in the media source.


It’s been more than a decade that Natsumiii/Wendy has been uploading her videos on YouTube channel. Over time, the channel unloaded game highlights, parody music, cover songs, and resolving relationship issues. Most of her parody songs have garnered tremendous views, such as ‘Charm You Baby,’ ‘Exotic,’ ‘GG No RE,’ and ‘You Mad Bro.’

In short, she transitioned into artist, gamer, and then eventually into doctor romance. Ever thought if Natsumiii would suggest relationship rules instead of performing parody songs of Justin Beiber, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Ariana Grande? Most of her parody songs have garnered tremendous views, such as ‘Charm You Baby,’ ‘Exotic,’ ‘GG No RE,’ and ‘You Mad Bro.’

Social Media

Apart from YouTube, she has quietly made her entity on Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She streams League of Legends on Twitch, while shares a glimpse of her fun life on Instagram. Similarly, she connects with her school and University friends via Facebook and updates what she is up to on Twitter.

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