Nasim Pedrad: Did ‘SNL’ Alum Underwent Plastic Surgery?

By Sandy
Published on October 1, 2021, Updated on October 1, 2021

Nasim Pedrad Plastic Surgery Details

Nasim Pedrad did a decent job of offending certain people when she was on Saturday Night Live. The Persian-American has worked on several major projects throughout her life. Her notable early work was with The Groundlings’ Sunday Company, but she found her mainstream success when she was picked for the 2007 HBO Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. 

Since leaving the SNL world in 2014, Nasim Pedrad has consistently become the subject of plastic surgery speculations. Though she hasn’t admitted to undergoing the knife yet, fans are eager to know the reality.

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Speculations on Nasim Pedrad’s Plastic Surgery is Common on Reddit

Pedrad has been the subject of several plastic surgery speculations over the years. In one of the threads on Reddit, one fan noticed how her eyebrows were arched and high and her face seemed a little more waxy than normal.

On further discussion, many agreed that the changes on her face may be the result of exquisite makeup rather than certain plastic surgery, most notably Botox.  Yet one of them insisted that she received a nose job.

Nasim Pedrad before and after

Nasim Pedrad’s before and after pictures suggest she has had some surgeries on her face. Source: Plastic Surgery Magic

Pedrad has also been suspected of restructuring her nose. According to reports, she used Botox when she was in her 30s. She has also reportedly used lip injections.

Whatever the speculation may be concerning Pedrad’s plastic surgery, there is no denying the fact that she is one of the prettiest girls to feature on the program.

Nasim Pedrad Facelift

As the TV industry demands continuous changes, Pedrad had to improve herself in all possible ways, most importantly; look better and gorgeous. To achieve flawless beauty, one must use exquisite makeup or have plastic surgery. And it seems, Pedrad chose to go under the knife to enhance her beauty.

Pedrad has likely done Facelift as her eyebrows and cheeks were not as good as they are now. Her cheeks look waxy and tight and her eyebrows are more arched.

Nasim Pedrad Botox Injections

Nasim Pedrad botox

Nasim Pedrad might have used Botox injections to make her face wrinkle-free. Source: Instagram

Have you ever wondered why Pedrad’s skin looks so smooth and waxy? It is because of the use of botox. The use of Botox injections has increased to a great extent in the past decade, even among small-level celebrities. Botox allows us to have a smooth waxy face and keeps the skin free from wrinkles.

Nasim Pedrad Nose Job

One of Pedrad’s notable face parts is her nose, which is easily catchable for eyes. Most of her fans are confident that she went for the nose job. A nose job is a procedure where one can change and reshape the nose in the desired way.

There is definitely some kind of knife work that made Pedrad’s nose special. A nose job can have a serious effect on overall facial appearance if something went wrong. Thankfully, Pedrad’s surgery was a success and no such complications exist in her nose.

Nasim Pedrad Lip Surgery

Lately, people have noticed some changes in Pedrad’s lips. But it seems she never went for any kind of plastic surgery on her lips. Aging can be the reason behind a little change in her lips as her lips are completely normal.

Pedrad’s charisma that she brings on Television has fascinated many viewers. She still has the same charisma and has more time to live a celebrity life. Though she had some minor plastic surgeries, most of the rumors about her surgeries are fake.

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