Mulan Hernandez’s Plastic Surgery: Has She Gone Under The Scalpel To Transform Her Body?

By Sandy
Published on October 3, 2021, Updated on October 3, 2021

Image Source: realmulanhernandez

Instagram model Mulan Hernandez has taken center stage of plastic surgery speculations on the internet. What’s the total number of cosmetic treatments she’s had? Take a glance at the before and after photos of her.

As you browse the photo-sharing platform “Instagram,” you are bombarded by Instagram influencers with goddesses-like figures. Several of them have stunning and appealing features that appear to have been bestowed upon them. And undoubtedly, your mouth drools over once your eyes are locked on their attractive body.

Almost all Instagram models have cosmetic procedures to enhance or change their appearance. With the availability of sophisticated photo-editing software like Photoshop, one’s beauty can look completely natural when done right. Some Instagram models, on the other hand, go beyond, and it’s impossible to miss that they’ve had many extravagant plastic surgeries. Mulan Hernandez is a perfect example of this.

Without any delay, let’s take a look at her cosmetic procedures!

Who is Mulan Hernandez?

Born on 30 January 2001, Mulan Hernandez is an American Instagram and fashion model known for fashionable outfit pictures and selfies. The Cincinnati-native is an alumna of Georgia State University. She has amassed over 262,000 followers on her realmulanhernandez Instagram account.

Mulan Hernandez Butt Implants

The Instagram model has had undergone several cosmetic procedures to enhance her body. Out of those, the most visible plastic surgery procedure she has is butt implants. She never fails to flaunt her butt on Instagram when the opportunity arises.

Mulan Hernandez butt implants

Instagram model Mulan Hernandez often flaunts her massive butt on Instagram. Image source: realmulanhernandez

Butt implants are artificial structures that are surgically implanted to augment the volume of the buttocks. The most popular buttock-related treatments are buttock lifts, implants, and fat grafting augmentation.

Mulan Hernandez Breast Implants

Hernandez also has had breast implants. Her unnaturally ample bosom is a dead giveaway that she’s had a breast job done. Breast augmentation plastic surgery utilizes silicone injections, saline implants, or, in some instances, fat transfer to improve or regain breast size.

Mulan Hernandez breast implants

Mulan Hernandez has likely unnatural breasts achieved through breasts implants. Image Source: realmulanhernandez

Breast Implants, one of the most prevalent and widely used aesthetic surgery procedures, have a long and successful track record of delighting women who wish to enhance, recover, or restore symmetry to their bodies. However, superstars occasionally overdo it, making the whole event look ludicrous.

Mulan Hernandez Botox Injections

The 20-year-old influencer is also said to have received Botox injections and undergone facelift surgery. However, she has yet to respond to the allegations of cosmetic surgery, and it’s unlikely that she will do so anytime soon.

From plastic surgery to dermal fillers, the cosmetic treatment business has changed considerably over the years. Women have wanted to have appealing features throughout history, whether or not they had Instagram. However, too many beauty treatments or surgical procedures can make you appear unnatural and fake. So, if you want to try out some of the techniques that models utilize, keep it natural and don’t overdo it.