Mira Sorvino’s Plastic Surgery – Did She Really Go Under the Knife?

By Anna Maria
Published on June 2, 2020, Updated on June 2, 2020

Did Mira Sorvino really go under the knife?

Grab all the details regarding Mira Sorvino’s plastic surgery!

When celebrities have a slight change in appearance all of a sudden, the rumors of plastic surgery automatically arise. If there are perks of being popular, there’s also intrinsic forfeit, when they have to live up with cosmetic surgery rumors/ speculation all their life. The ‘Norma Jean & Marilyn’ star, Mira Sorvino, isn’t an outsider to such speculations.

An American actress, Mira Sorvino, is prominent for her roles in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Mimic, Lulu on the Bridge, The Replacement Killers, Summer of Sam and Like Dandelion Dust. She has the honors of the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in ‘Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite.’ Also, she earned Golden Globe and Emmy nomination for the film ‘Norma Jean & Marilyn,’ released in 1996. Is the sudden change of Mira Sorvino’s face, nose, jawline, and bust due respect of plastic surgery? Or, it’s only a rumor/ speculation?

Mira Sorvino Plastic Surgery

Celebrities usually opt for cosmetic surgery to revamp their appearance. And it’s one of a kind of plastic surgery, while the other is reconstructive surgery, which aims to restore facial or body deformities caused by birth defects, accident, medical condition, and trauma.

Folks believe that the actress has undergone Rhinoplasty surgery, boob job, and Botox injection. Initially, the plastic surgery rumor swirled around 2009 when they speculated if she registered for a nose job to improve the size and angle of her nose. Again, they doubted if she went for boob job too because her bosoms were unbelievably larger and firmer at her age. Additionally, she has a contour of her face even in the early fifties; hence people involuntarily believe that she has gone under the knife to restore the young beauty.

Before and After

There’s a radical change in the appearance, where her face shows no signs of wrinkles like the usual fifties women have. The disappearance of fine lines is directly proportional to the use of Botox Injections that treats facial creases. Similarly, the before and after picture of an actress, Mira Sorvino, points out a noticeable change in the nose. Hence, the rumor of nose job whirled back in 2009.

Mira Sorvino Before and After

Mira Sorvino Before and After | Source: Pinterest

It seems as if she has injected dermal filler on her chin too. The picture showcases her defined jawline, which might be the result of chin implants. With the haste of time, the soft tissues of the chin start to lose its elasticity; henceforth, it gives less structure on the lower face. Thankfully, the chin implants or chin fillers are an easy solution to bring back the contour of the face. Last but not least, she now has larger, symmetrical, and perkier breasts, which might be an outcome of breast augmentation.

Does Mira need to go under the knife?

Has she ever agreed on the plastic surgery rumors? No, she hasn’t admitted of going under the knife; once, she stated that she isn’t keen of such cosmetic surgery ideas. In 2018, she clarified the speculations on her own Twitter post, where she had posed with actresses Kate Bosworth and Rosanna Arquette.

Well, I disagree and I would never comment on your appearance. Your honesty is snark and I am clearly not your love. And by the way I have never had plastic surgery.’

Mira Sorvino's Plastic Surgery

Mira Sorvino as Linda on the movie, Mighty Aphrodite | Source: YouTube

Mira Sorvino grew up writing, and acting backyard plays in Dwight-Englewood School alongside her childhood mate, Hope Davis, who is also a renowned actress at the moment. With a handful of academic qualifications, such as magna cum laude with a degree in East Asian studies from Harvard, she garnered appraisals in the Cineplex world too.

Sorvino still stands on the pretty side akin to the bygone days, where she portrayed ditz and delusional, Linda in the pursuit of the actress in the comedy film, ‘Mighty Aphrodite.’

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