Michele Tafoya’s Plastic Surgery Rumors – Is There Any Truth to it?

By Sandy
Published on October 13, 2021, Updated on October 13, 2021

Michele Tafoya plastic surgery - the truth! | Photo credit: Instagram

All the facts behind Michele Tafoya’s plastic surgery rumors on the internet. Did she really go under the scalpel to enhance her facial beauty? 

Born on 17 December 1964, Michele Joan Tafoya Beaurain, known professionally as Michele Tafoya, is a well-known American sportscaster. She has spent the last ten years as an NBC Sports reporter, primarily as a sideline reporter for NBC Sunday Night Football.

Tafoya has been to multiple Super Bowls and was a part of the NFL Championship broadcast in 2015, still the most-watched program in American television history. Following her decades-long experience, she has reached the pinnacle of sports and entertainment.

On a personal front, though, Michele Tafoya has recently become the subject of plastic surgery speculations on the internet. Did she go under the knife? Let’s discuss.

Are Rumors About Michele Tafoya’s Plastic Surgery True?

Michele Tafoya, the gorgeous sportscaster, will turn 57 in December this year. But she still looks like she’s in her forties.

As you can anticipate, this leads to accusations of plastic surgery, and Michele Tafoya is the most recent victim of the internet community.

Michele Tafoya then and now

Michele Tafoya then and now. Photo credit: articlemix.com

To begin with, Michele Tafoya has never spoken or addressed the possibility of cosmetic modifications in her life. This isn’t surprising, as many tend to keep it private. Celebrities hardly discuss publicly the plastic surgery operations they’ve had.

So, what about Michele Tafoya? Is it true that she’s had surgery? We sought advice from our experts at Articlemix, who has never treated Michele, to answer these questions. According to them, Michele has had Botox injections at the very least.

There are also rumors of a possible facelift, although nothing can be proven at this time. Michele Tafoya has always been lovely, whether she has had plastic surgery or not.

Michele Tafoya’s Botox Injection

Have you ever wondered why Michele’s skin looks so smooth and waxy? It is because of the use of botox. Wrinkles around her eyes seem to be less now while compared to her before pictures.

The use of Botox injections has increased to a great extent in the past decade, even among small-level celebrities. Botox allows us to have a smooth, waxy face and keeps the skin free from wrinkles.

Michele Tafoya’s Facelift

Michele had to develop herself in every way possible. Most crucially, she had to seem better and more beautiful, as the TV industry needs constant changes. One must wear great cosmetics or undergo plastic surgery to acquire faultless attractiveness. Michele, it appears, decided to go under the knife to improve her appearance.

Pedrad’s facial tissues appear more lift and tighten now as they were before. Thus, she most likely had a Facelift. However, we can’t be sure of our speculations because camera angles, photoshopping, lighting, and other photo effects all play a huge role.