Mark Forward Weight Loss: Is He Sick Or Incorporated Healthy Lifestyle?

By Sandy
Published on January 10, 2022, Updated on January 10, 2022

Mark Forward Shows Off An Incredible Weight Loss: Is He Sick Or Incorporated Healthy Lifestyle?Photo credit:

In the latest Season 10 trailer of Letterkenny, people have noticed the dramatic weight loss of Mark Forward. So, what happened to him? Is he sick or has he embarked on a weight loss journey?

Mark Forward is a well-known Canadian comedian and actor from Oakville, Ontario, who won the 2005 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Stand-up Newcomer. He is best known for his role as Coach in the acclaimed Canadian sitcom Letterkenny. He has surely enchanted a large number of people.

Coach in Letterkenny never fails to make us laugh with his humorous persona. Letterkenny is a popular program with precisely ten seasons, and the tenth season was officially released on December 25, 2021.

People saw a significant difference in Coach’s look after the premiere of the program. Mark Forward, who plays Coach at Letterkenny, appeared to be an entirely different person than he had been previously.

He shed several pounds of weight, to be precise. So, fans are concerned about his health condition and wonder if the comedian is sick or he embarked on a weight loss journey? Let’s find out the truth:

How Did Mark Forward Lose Weight: Farewell to His Chubby Personality

Despite the fact that Mark Forward is a well-known actor, his physical appearance, following the Season 10 premiere of Letterkenny, played a key part in attracting viewers’ attention. Coach not only lost his excess skin folds and fats, but he also transformed into a new, healthy person.

Mark Forward weight loss before and after photo

Mark Forward weight loss: before and after photo. Photo credit:

Though we were accustomed to seeing a cute and chubby Coach in Letterkenny, we must now adjust to his new appearance in the show.

His chubby cheeks transformed into exquisite cheekbones, and his entire physique looked to be far slimmer than before. Being skinny, having cheekbones, and a sharp jawline, must be exciting for Mark.

Mark Forward Health Update: Is He Sick?

The comedian has shed a significant amount of weight. His skinny appearance has fueled people’s concerns about his health issues. But so far, there has been no report or evidence to substantiate his health problems.

Mark Forward health update, is he sick

Mark Forward appears slimmer than before. Photo credit:

Some argue that his sudden weight loss is a symptom of a serious illness, while others argue that the actor was fed up with his huge physique and started a healthy diet, incorporating exercise as well.

Mark Forward Weight Loss: The Result of a Healthy Lifestyle?

As Mark Forward hasn’t yet addressed his weight loss and revealed how he managed to shed excess fats off his body, we are bound to make assumptions only from the best possible scenario.

Because of his huge physique, Mark might have started developing concerns about his health and physical appearance. So, he probably hired a nutritionist or a personal trainer and spent his quality time at the gym trying to lose weight.

Mark Forward at his heaviest

Photo credit: Instagram/markforwardd

While Mark is overjoyed that his hard work paid off and he now has a healthy body, other individuals were so arrogant that they quipped that Mark would spend more time in the gym than the gym trainer.

This may be viewed as a joke, but making fun of someone’s weight is completely erroneous, and people should refrain from making nasty remarks. Because Mark is a comedian who frequently makes jokes, no one has the right to make a joke about his weight because he may be sensitive to such issues.

It has been revealed that the Canadian actor has shed around 11-34 pounds.