Lisa Riley’s Weight Loss Journey Revealed!

By Anna Maria
Published on July 5, 2020, Updated on July 5, 2020

Amazing Weight Loss of Lisa Riley| Amazing Transformation

Learn more details regarding Lisa Risey’s weight loss journey, diet plans, and workout secrets!

She moved over a healthy lifestyle as she didn’t yearn to pass the fortune of the year 2012. Lisa Jane Riley, aka Mandy Dingle in the television soap opera Emmerdale, was on the verge of nearly losing her father when her mother took a last breath after battling cancer. Similarly, her dad, Terry Riley, is at the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Since then, the British actress and TV personality underwent every possible choice of healthy diet and workouts to trim down the excess weight.

On the screen, Lisa Riley garnered an amassed fan base from playing Mandy Dingle in the television soap opera ‘Emmerdale’ from 1995 to 2001 and again from 2019. Also, Lisa Riley hosted a British TV show, ‘You Have Been Framed’ in the late nineties. Besides the screen presence, she has awe-struck most of the fellows from her incredible weight loss, where she shed 12 stones in total? How did Lisa Riley lose 168 lbs in a year?

Lisa Riley’s Weight Loss Journey

Lisa became a talk of the town when she shed weight from a UK size 30 to size 14 in a year. In bygone days, she had talked about how diets didn’t help her in losing the excess fat. Somehow, she managed to surpass 12 stones of weight loss, i.e., 116 pounds in totality as a whole.

Lisa Riley Weight Loss

Before and After Pictures of Lisa Riley: Her amazing transformation | Source: The Mirror

In the past few months, Lisa Riley stunned fans in a long black sleeve top alongside flared trousers embellished with diamond details at the National Television Awards.

Lisa Riley Weight Loss

Lisa Riley dropped 12 stone in a year| Source: Daily Express

Last year, she had already amazed fans with extreme weight drop on the cruise where she was booked to perform with ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ family. Fans were quick to react to how the picture made them swoon in a second. They didn’t think that she could be an instant inspiration. Also, they wondered how Riley went through an unrecognizable transition as she had concluded that diets didn’t help in her weight loss plans at all in the past days.

How did Lisa Riley Lose Weight?

Well, one doesn’t lose weight overnight; it’s a baby step. Henceforth it took over a year when she rocked long black sleeve top alongside flared trousers at the National Television Awards. Here are the tips for a healthy diet and regular workouts that Lisa Riley secured in her schedule for more than years.

Don’t miss the workout.

It started since she participated as a contestant in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in 2012. She lost four stones there. Riley knew that she had a natural rhythm, which is an essential criterion of dancing. Howbeit, she was afraid of being lifted as one of her dance routines because she was conscious of her weight. In contrast, she lifted her male partner and emerged to be a pioneer contestant to lift the male partner on the reality show.

After the show ended, she carried on the fitness regime through walking, joining Zumba classes, and performing yoga. A panelist on the ITV daytime series ‘Loose Women’, clarified that she found gym tedious; hence she went for Zumba classes instead.

Gulp on Healthy diets

Previously dieting didn’t help her lose some pounds. Next, she went for healthy diets like Banana Oat Wedges. It only weighs 62 calories per wedges.

Did you know she only has carbs when she feels like? Otherwise, she never crosses her path on bread. If she desires carbs, she would have it before 1:30 pm and then goes for the main lunch. Also, she dines before seven and doesn’t munch on night snacks at all.

Don’t drink

When she changed her drinks from water to champagne, she could feel something healthy habit kick-starting from herself. She says she is still a party animal without insobriety. Only a glass of water livens up her soul in music and party. During the fortieth birthday, she toasted a glass of water and vowed that she would never sip any alcoholic beverage for the rest of her life.

Also, she pats herself for not sipping a drop of alcohol for the past few years. Scientifically, alcohol doesn’t let one burn their calories; instead, they lead to poor food choices. So, no alcoholic drinks don’t bother Riley at all; she can still light up an event.

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