Lauren German’s Plastic Surgery – Unfold The Hidden Truth!

By Sandy
Published on June 24, 2022, Updated on June 24, 2022

Lauren German plastic surgery details here

The availability of advanced surgical techniques has made plastic surgery so trendy, mainly among female celebrities. The overwhelming desire to look sexy and young in front of the camera compels them to undergo cosmetic or plastic surgeries. Another reason is likely the declining opportunities in the industry with the rise in age. 

Born on November 29, 1978, American actress Lauren German is best known for playing detective Chloe Decker on Fox’s urban fantasy TV series Lucifer. Her other notable roles include DHS agent Lori Weston on the CBS police drama Hawaii Five-0 and Leslie Shay on the NBC drama Chicago Fire.

The exceptionally talented actress has been gracing TV screens with her outstanding performances for over two decades. Throughout these years, fans have noticed several changes in her appearances. Though German has taken center stage in plastic surgery speculations, she has never addressed the rumors. However, fans still wonder whether the Lucifer actress went under the surgeon’s scalpel.

Keep reading to unfold the truth behind Lauren German’s plastic surgery rumors!

Lauren German Plastic Surgery Details

The famous American actress is believed to have gone under the surgeon’s scalpel, but to what extent continues to be an enigma. Since the release of season 4 of Lucifer, German has been in the news over the accusation of plastic surgery.

Lauren German before and after picture

Lauren German before and after picture. Image Source:

Her fans have noticed some significant changes in her appearance, especially her nose, which seems more pointed than it was before. In addition, a comparison of the actress’s previous versus the present photos indicates a facelift, Botox, and fillers as well.

Lauren German Nose Job

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre actress seems to have done surgery on her nose. Her nose, which was more bulbous and rounder several years ago, is now slimmer and more pointed. The changes in her nose aren’t a natural occurrence, rather it’s artificial, specifically through rhinoplasty.

According to experts, the 42-year-old German did the nose job from a highly skilled surgeon as it’s perfectly done and hardly noticeable. Considering the pointy appearance of her nose, the surgeon likely broadened German’s nasal bridge as it’s broader than it was initially.

Lauren German Botox Injections

With aging, people start having wrinkles, fine lines, and facial expression marks on their faces. And when you’re in your 40s’, such flaws are highly inevitable. Ironically, the wrinkles and fine lines don’t show signs of attacking the “A Walk to Remember” actress anytime soon. She seems to be growing more younger every year, denying the natural process of aging.

The only explanation for her baby-face-like appearance is the use of Botox injections. Experts suggest that her botox treatment has likely been laced with fillers as her face seems puffier than before.

Lauren German Facelift

Despite being in her 40s’, German’s skin still looks tight and smooth. As a natural phenomenon, her facial skin should have grown loose and started to sag. Instead, the area around her cheeks is well lifted, which is only possible through a facelift.

Lauren German facelift

Lauren German has likely done a facelift to avoid wrinkles and fine lines on her face. Photo Source: Ronna Gallery

Some of her fans have pointed to her cosmetic treatment as an overly-done facelift. They often argue that her facial skin doesn’t move while she smiles or talks.

Lauren German Lip Fillers

German used to have thin and normal-sized lips. However, her recent Instagram post exposes her upper lip appearing to be fuller and bigger. The recent observation has driven followers into suspecting lip fillers as the propellant behind German’s fuller upper lip.

A fan noticed the changes and pinned it on social media, saying:

“…Definitely botox and lip fillers, she still looks really great though. Whatever makes her happy, I’m okay with.”

Though several speculations have been swirling on the internet, the Chicago Fire actress has maintained a dead silence on the matter. She hasn’t admitted nor denied such rumors. That being the case, what changes do you see in German’s facial skin? We’d be glad if you shared your thoughts.