Laura Geller Weight Loss Journey Revealed- Workout and Diet Secrets!

By Anna Maria
Published on August 31, 2021, Updated on August 31, 2021

Fans have quickly noted the change in Laura Geller, the professional artist’s physical appearance. What has she done to implement the successful weight loss journey escorted by diet plan and workout routine?

The professional makeup artist, Laura Geller has been transitioning most of all skin types in the TV industry as well as theatres over decades. Her beauty line is synonymous with revolutionary changes in makeup premises. Hence, fans are appreciative of the on-screen beauty refined by the veteran, Geller who is a beauty enthusiast and most probably knows how to conceal flaws among women of all ages.

Did she leave any hints behind her weight loss journey- likewise secret tips including diet and workout regime?

Laura Geller weight loss journey

During former days, she had a chubby appearance; now fans have quickly noticed the makeup artist’s slimmer appearance on the screen. With the haste of time, they began debating if she went through a weight loss regime with the virtue of diet plans and gym schedule like other celebrities. On a QVC forum, they pointed out that Geller has lost her baby fats on her face and neck, specifically.

“She is one of my favs to watch… even if I’m not buying anything… Last few shows I have noticed that her face and neck are markedly thinner… Good for her… Congrats Laura… I’m rooting for you”

Laura Geller weight loss

Caption: Laura Geller’s weight loss journey?

Similarly, another user, who isn’t a regular audience of QVC also paid heed to a relatively thinner face and neck than before.

“I rarely watch QVC, but did see Laura a couple of weeks ago or so and I, also, thought she looked thinner.”

But, some of them disagreed to scale Geller’s weight loss, labeling it as an impertinent subject.

“Yes, I too think it is remarkably rude to say how much better, how nice, etc someone looks if they have lost some weight! Trust me…it’s not a compliment. Saying those words say more than you think. It says how terrible and disgusting they looked before weight loss. Not nice in my eyes.”

On the contrary, others put down the statement saying it’s rather a compliment and an escape from the ‘health hazard’.

When I see a person who was previously heavy and they have lost weight I am happy for them.  A lot of excess weight is a health hazard.

“ If they were a close friend or relative and we had personal conversations, I wouldn’t hesitate to say they looked great, and I hoped they were feeling good.

 If it were a casual acquaintance, I would not mention it.”

Body Transformation: Before and after pictures

Though her slimmer demeanor became a subject of heated argument in the QVC forum, most of the users tagged it as a compliment. While comparing the professional makeup artist’s latest appearance with the former one, the change is variably seen in the face and neck. She has a comparatively thinner face and neck, which ensured her healthy appearance as a whole. Perhaps she realized the merits of having a healthy weight instead of sheltering the baby fat.

Laura Geller weight loss

Caption: Laura Geller before and after the weight loss journey?

Even one of her fans believed she was in an attempt to maintain rational weight in the COVID-19 chaos.

“Oh geez, the OP was complimentary. We all know intent when we see it. Laura is a fan favorite and her fans want the best for her. In times of COVID I am hyper aware of trying to keep my weight healthy, maybe Laura is also.”

How did Laura Geller lose her weight?

She is well-known for her beauty tips; however, she hasn’t shared her weight loss secrets yet. Or she might be the fortunate being who has shed pounds without a planned diet and workout.

“I never read such nonsense as is written above.   I guess some lucky women never worked hard to diet and lose weight.  I’m sure the dieter would be thrilled to know people noticed.  There’s such a thing as being too PC.”

Originally from the Rockland County suburbs of New York, Geller loved how her neighbor carried her makeup and fashion as a whole. Geller used to persuade the neighbor, who worked at a supermarket to get herself ready for parties and Sweet Sixteen venues. At the same time, the TV makeup artist felt empowered when she was tucked up with a perfect pint of makeup. Hence she went for makeup tutorials and training shortly after graduation. Then, she started learning as well as flourishing her makeup skills at the age of 18.  In the nick of time, she launched her own product line when her clients began asking about products after she ‘finished making them.’ Next, she appeared on QVC, sharing experiences about her retail sales as well as marketing them on television.