Kellyanne Conway’s Plastic Surgery – Did She Go Under the Knife?

By Anna Maria
Published on June 1, 2020, Updated on June 2, 2020

Did Kellyanne Conway really go under the knife?

Grab all the details regarding Kellyanne Conway’s plastic surgery!

Regardless of the position, a woman usually faces criticism on how they look. They always intertwine between the stereotype beauty standards and surgical procedures. Do you remember, once, the counselor of President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway was invaded by haters that she looked haggard, most of the times?

An American pollster, political consultant, and pundit, Kellyanne Conway provides the best option available for the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump. She is the pioneer woman in history to execute a successful U.S. presidential campaign. Nowadays, she looks different, afresh, and fifteen years younger than before. Did she go under the knife to remove wrinkles and tighten the skin of the face?

Kellyanne Conway Plastic Surgery

Folks noticed that she had been missing in action for a month. Hence, there’s speculation, if she booked a plastic surgeon’s appointment and used fillers, Botox, or facelift to remove the sagginess of the face. Otherwise, she had been receiving remarks that she often looked worn out. In response, Conway stated she didn’t have time for herself since she had been juggling as a mother of four kids and counselor of President Trump. So, she didn’t get to put on the lotion while her skin dealt with much sun damages. And it’s a fact that skin ages rapidly when one doesn’t put on lotion or take care after their skin, isn’t it?

Kellyanne Conway Plastic Surgery

Did Kellyanne Conway go under the knife? | Source: Politico

All of a sudden, she appears more beautiful with fewer wrinkles and a youthful appearance. At the same time, she didn’t seem worthwhile for a month. Thus, people are in suspicion if she took a month hiatus to look after herself via filler, Botox, and facelift.

Before and After

She appeared as if she hadn’t slept much because of a frantic schedule. Plus, she didn’t even brush translucent powder to overlap her age spots. When Conway answered the criticism, she clarified she would be getting facelift if she gets sidelined for a while. Let’s have a look at after and before picture of Kellyanne Conway:

Kellyanne Conway Before and After

Kellyanne Conway Before and After | Source: Radiogun

Doesn’t her skin look firmer and dewier now? The surgeons have perfectly extracted sagging tissues and the signs of aging in Conway. Also, she doesn’t possess excess skin or folds on the neck. All the above, the wrinkles have packed its bags that used to reside underneath her eyes and forehead. 53-years old, Conway looks like in her mid-forties.

Was The Pain Worth The Gain?

Conway has neither confirmed nor denied if she has gone under the knife. The only thing she stated was she would be getting a facelift in a month. Similarly, her skin looks smoother and firmer than how she looked in the past few months. Perhaps it’s the outcome of cosmetic surgery that involved diminishing aging signs of face and neck.

Kellyanne Conway Plastic Surgery

Kellyanne Conway Plastic Surgery | Source: Pinterest

Though she hasn’t accepted the rumors yet, she is confident in her youthful presence. Conway, who was a strategist in the Republican Party, now has returned with a contour of a face.

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