Has Katherine Ryan Undergone Plastic Surgery & Put On Weight |  Find Out The Truth!

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Published on December 27, 2021, Updated on December 27, 2021

Katherine Ryan Weight Gain, Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery Details!

Katherine Ryan kept her pregnancy a secret almost until she gave birth to her son Fred, something she didn’t intend to do. While it was partially out of respect for others who had fresh losses themselves, she claims it was simply because people believed she had gained weight and had more Botox.

Katherine Ryan is a British-Canadian comedian, writer, presenter, and actor. She received the Nivea Funny Women Award for her work in comedy. Likewise, in 2008, she finished second in the Amused Moose Laugh-Off competition.

Pregnancy News Amid Weight Gain Rumors

Fans were stunned when the Canadian actress appeared visibly pregnant on stage and gave birth to her beautiful baby boy just two weeks later, in June 2021.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the 38-year-old shared her incredible path to becoming a mother for the second time, thirteen years after her daughter Violet was born.

Katherine Ryan Weight Loss, Plastic Surgery, Pregnancy

Katherine Ryan’s daughter Violet (left) and son Fred (right) (Photo: Instagram)

Katherine tragically lost two infants in rapid succession before becoming pregnant and carrying them to term.

She explained,

“We were not trying for long, I get pregnant really easily.  I was pregnant for 18 months, which is the gestation of an elephant.”

“I was pregnant and then we lost that one, and then I was pregnant and we lost that one and then I was pregnant and that was Fred. They were late in the first trimester or early second trimester.”

Sadly, her husband Bobby Kootstra was unable to be with he when she learned the news for the second time owing to coronavirus and other constraints.

She said,

“There were a lot of dad’s getting bad news in parking lots, it wasn’t great but I am happy there is a dialogue now.”

“The first time he was with me but the second time was lockdown and he was in the parking lot.”

Has Katherine Ryan Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Since Ryan had kept her pregnancy a secret, many believed she had undergone Botox and put on weight. However, that was not true.

Katherine Ryan Weight Loss

(Photo: Instagram)

She explained,

“A lot of it was suspicion. Even for myself, we didn’t talk about it in the house, so it wasn’t that I was hiding it from people, it was just something we did not address at all.”

She didn’t want it to be traumatic for individuals since she had spoken to them about loss. She wanted to be discreet not just for her own sake but also for the sake of other people’s sentiments. She believed that maintaining secrecy was the best course of action.

She further added,

“I think botox and filler helped me a lot because I don’t actually get much Botox at all, but because I have joked about it a lot in Roast Battle or with Jimmy Carr it has become a funny punchline to say I have had loads of plastic surgery.”

As a result, whenever she gained weight or changed her appearance, people believed she underwent cosmetic surgery. So, she didn’t disguise it. She was out, filming, and working; it’s just that some people assumed she had work done to her face for some reason, and she didn’t correct them.