Katelyn Faber Net Worth: Alleged Kobe Bryant’s Rape Victim Earned Millions in Settlement

By Sandy
Published on December 9, 2021, Updated on December 9, 2021

Katelyn Faber Net Worth: Alleged Kobe Bryant's Rape Victim Earned Millions in Settlement. Photo credit: briefly.co.za

Grab all the details about Katelyn Faber’s net worth, rape settlement with Kobe Bryant, and more.

Are you familiar with Katelyn Faber? She is the alleged rape victim of late American basketball player Kobe Bryant, in case you didn’t know. In fact, after accusing Bryant of raping her, she became a major topic in the media. While Faber received widespread sympathy from people at first, the situation altered in Bryant’s favor after she declined to testify.

Even years after Bryant’s death, Faber remained a subject of curiosity. Many people are interested in learning about Faber’s net worth including her current whereabouts.

So, we’ve provided you with a lot of intriguing information about Katelyn Faber’s net worth, the truth about the alleged rape and settlement, and a plethora of other fascinating facts.

Where is Katelyn Faber From? Her Age & Parents

Katelyn Faber, whose full name is Katelyn Katie Faber, was born on June 18, 1985, in Gypsum, Colorado. The 36-year-old Faber was born to parents – Paul Louis and Kristine Anne Faber.

She attended Eagle Valley Senior High School before enrolling at the University of Northern Colorado.

The Truth Behind Katelyn Faber and Kobe Bryant Rape Case

The 2003 sexual assault case involving Katelyn Faber and Kobe Bryant was one of the few high-profile rape cases that made headlines in the early 2000s.

Katelyn Faber, Kobe Bryant's rape victim

Photo credit: Geocities.ws

Faber, who was 19 years old then, filed a lawsuit against Bryant in the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office in 2003, seeking at least $75,000 in damages. She alleged Bryant had checked into The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera Hotel on July 1 of that year and raped her inside his hotel room.

After months of investigations and court appearances, the Eagle County District judge dismissed the case on September 1, 2004, as Faber denied to testify against Bryant. Later, Bryant issued a public apology to Faber, and it was the last time when people heard about their rape case.

Katelyn Faber Received Millions for Rape Settlement

In August 2004, Katelyn Faber, who was demanding $75,000 in damages, filed a civil lawsuit against the late basketball player. The two parties, however, agreed to an out-of-court settlement, but they didn’t disclose the terms of the settlement back then.

Kobe Bryant apology to Katelyn Faber

Kobe Bryant issued an apology to Katelyn Faber, with his wife by his side. Photo credit: justrichest.com

However, several online tabloids have reported that Faber and Bryant resorted to a $2.5 million settlement, which ultimately increased her net worth by millions back then.

What’s Katelyn Faber Net Worth in 2021?

Few people know that Faber had a strong passion for music and aspired to become a musician. She even went on to audition for the hit music reality show, American Idol. But, alas, circumstances intervened and she was never able to pursue a career in music.

In the early 2000s, Faber worked as a hotel clerk at The Lodge and Spa in Colorado. It was the same hotel, in fact, where Faber allegedly accused the NBA star of rapping her.

Katelyn Faber and Kobe Bryant's rape settlement

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In terms of her current career, there have been no updates on what she is doing. However, one thing is certain: she did work in the hospitality sector in the early 2000s.

Faber never embraced major success in any field, and she hardly earned sufficient money on her own to live a luxurious life. But when she reportedly received $2.5 million as the rape settlement, her net worth was boosted to a great extent.

17 years have already passed since Faber received the massive settlement. As of late 2021, she is likely left with a few hundreds of thousands of dollars in her bank account unless she used the money wisely to build a fortune. However, at one point, Faber’s net worth was, indeed, in millions, reportedly over $2 million.

Where is Katelyn Faber Now?

Since the rape case was settled, Faber has become a virtual recluse. She seems to have lost all contact with the public, with only her name appearing now and again as a result of her previous involvement with Bryant.

However, Faber was once again a major topic in 2020 after a clip from Gayle King and Lisa Leslie’s conversation went viral on social media. The two chat about the 2003 incident in the video, giving exposure to her identity.

Faber, aside from becoming a media topic, has not made any public appearances. At this time, nothing is known about her whereabouts.

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