Kate Silverton’s Weight Loss – Back to her Pre-Baby Weight!

By Anna Maria
Published on June 24, 2020, Updated on June 24, 2020

Kate Silverton's Weight Loss - Back to her Pre-Baby Weight

Grab all the details regarding Kate Silverton’s weight loss journey, body workouts, and secret training!

Most of the women don’t fit into the wedding dress because of their post-pregnancy bodies. When there’s a will, there is a way. The effective weight loss plan magically returns them to previous size clothes. It’s a similar case for British journalist and broadcaster, Kate Silverton, who is gleeful that she is close to fitting back at her wedding gown.

Kate Silverton is notable for her works at the BBC News at One, BBC News at Six, BBC News at Ten, and BBC Weekend News. The current Deputy Presenter of the BBC News at One, Silverton, is a quick-witted, intelligent, and professional journalist of the BBC premises. Similarly, she is equally talented on shaking her legs, which is evident in the dance contest show, ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ The same reality TV show has been boon in her weight loss secrets.

Kate Silverton’s Weight Loss

In 2018, she partnered up with professional dancer Aljaz Skorjanec in a dance contest show, ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ The show was quite fortunate as she lost a stone from rigorous dance training. Correspondingly, she thanked her dance partner, Aljaz Skorjanec, and praised him as ‘the Aljaz School of weight losses.

“I think I’ve lost a stone already, it’s the Aljaz School of weight loss. And my husband is very happy about that… nudge nudge. I feel liberated too! I was looking at my thighs today and I’m getting so much definition.”

Kate Silverton's Weight Loss

Kate Silverton lost 14 pounds from participating ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ | Source: Irish Mirror

She shed 14 pounds amid a dance contest show that her costume team had to measure her twice. No worries, she was glad alongside her husband, Mike Heron, and boasted how she was merely nearer to fit the wedding gown.

Back to Pre-Baby Weight

The miracle loss of 14 pounds could ignite in her early days. But she didn’t get to sign for ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ because her children- Clemency and Wilbur were too young to leave on their own. Luckily, in 2018, they turned four and nearly seven, respectively, and Silverton thought it was an excellent time to shake her leg.

Kate Silverton's Weight Loss

Kate Silverton is glad to have pre-baby weight| Source: Kate Silverton

Previously, when she went for a photoshoot with her baby boy, Wilbur, she asked Graziano [Di Prima] to babysit. The duo was wrestling on the floor while she accomplished her shoot. And she only took a part-time shift on BBC following the maternal leave; above all, motherhood isn’t easy at all.

The rigorous training put her into the same weight, which she used to weigh-off on her wedding day in 2010. On the same note, before signing for ‘Strictly Come Dance,’ she was self-assured to give her a hundred percent, all the way to victory. Also, she became a delight contestant when she awe-struck the judges and audiences with her tango moves. In week nine, the duo, Silverton and Skorjanec lost a dance-off against Graeme Swann and his partner Oti Mabuse, whereas, the journalist was glad to own pre-baby weight back.

“[It’s] my pre-baby weight, really. I’m absolutely thrilled. I feel like I’ve won already. We’ve had such a good time. I don’t want it to end at all.”

Secret Training and Workout

She rehearsed more than hours to master the moves. The dance reality show is known to seize the celebrity’s schedule and involve them in grueling training. As per reports, they are requested to seclude 12 hours a week over to rehearsals.

Kate Silverton's Weight Loss - Back to her Pre-Baby Weight

Kate Silverton rehearsed more than hours to master the moves| Source: Bustle

In bruises and injuries, they don’t halt the training session; instead, take a toll on their body from vigorous practice. Do you remember when Capital FM presenter Vick Hope who was partnered with Graziano Di Prima, confessed difficulty of training?

“We’re rehearsing every day, and he’s been pushing me hard. I really underestimated how intense it would be to do my breakfast show in the morning and then do rehearsals in the afternoon, I thought it would be fine because I’m used to filming TV in the afternoons, but it’s tough.”

It’s not surprising how Silverton lost 14 pounds from intense and rigorous dance practice.  In an hour of dancing, a person burns 400 calories. If only, they dance for twenty minutes at least 4-5 days a week, they will probably lose some extra pounds.

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