Julie Kuchta’s Married Life with Husband Alan Faneca – Relationship Details!

By Sandy
Published on September 10, 2021, Updated on October 3, 2021

Julie Kuchta Married Life Details | Source: KDKA

A footballer’s love life is something that fascinates many, and those who marry a famous player are often scrutinized. Many modern-day people have a misconception that WAGs are struck up women who want to be famous & enjoy a lavish life with their men’s money. But in reality, WAG is a partner and soulful foundation of their significant other, who happens to play professional sports to make a living. 

Julie Kuchta, the wife of former NFL player Alan Joseph Faneca, is a true example of a WAG who stayed committed to her man’s ever-changing career. Though she had to put her career on hold to stay close to her husband and raise their family together, she never backed down and did everything she could to support her husband and family.

Kuchta is now one of the co-owners of ViraDecon, an initiative to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Her business partners are her husband, Alan Faneca, and brother, John Kuchta. Fans of Alan are eagerly waiting to know the details of his marital life with his wife.

Keep on reading for exciting details about Julie Kuchta’s married life with her husband, their children, and many more!

Julie Kuchta and Alan Faneca: Together Since Their College Days

Though Kuchta and her husband haven’t revealed the specific details of their wedding, they have been married to each other for 21 years. The couple tied the knot in 1999 in an intimate ceremony attended by their family members and limited friends.

Julie Kuchta and her husband, Alan Faneca

Julie Kuchta and her husband, Alan Faneca. Source: Glimmer of Hope

Kuchta and her husband first met at Louisiana State University while Faneca was still a freshman at the university. Since 1994, the two have been together and still share the same chemistry they used to have in their younger days.

Julie Kuchta and Alan Faneca: Doting Parents of Three Kids

The lovey-dovey couple is doting parents of three children. Kuchta struggled to get pregnant for five years until she became pregnant with their eldest daughter, Anabelle. She was too excited to welcome her first little munchkin. But after giving birth to her daughter in 2005, she became paralyzed by anxiety and fear. Later, she was diagnosed with postpartum depression.

Julie Kuchta husband, children

Julie Kuchta and her husband have three kids. Source: People

Kuchta told her husband about her depression and sought help from experts. Later, the two decided to create awareness about postpartum depression, which would help so many women.

Kuchta and her husband later welcomed their second child, son Burton. Finally, their family of four turned five when Kuchta gave birth to their youngest son, Penelope.

Julie Kuchta: Husband and Daughter Both Have Epilepsy

Julie’s daughter, Anabelle, has Sturge-Weber syndrome, which results in a series of seizures. The malfunction began when she was only 13 months old.

Julie and her husband began scoring the country for top experts and traveled to Baltimore for a medical regimen at the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Thankfully, Anabelle is right on track physically and mentally.

Not only Julie’s daughter, but her husband has also been suffering from the neurological disorder Epilepsy since the age of 15. Unlike his daughter, Alan’s epilepsy was caused by head injuries as a little kid, banging his head around.

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