Julianne Hough Plastic Surgery Rumors Explained! Did She Go Under The Knife?

By Sandy
Published on April 27, 2022, Updated on April 27, 2022

Julianne Hough's Plastic Surgery Rumors Explained! Did She Go Under The Knife? Photo credit: Instagram/juleshough

For over two decades, Julianne Hough, an actress and dancer, has taken the stage, showcasing not only her raw talents but her stunning, masterfully made-up beauty as well. She is often seen donning a virtually flawless complexion accompanied by a bold red lip. But fans are concerned about whether Julianne is all-natural or she’s just another product of cosmetic procedures.

Two-time professional champion of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, Julianne Hough has been on top of her game ever since her debut in ABC’s 2006 game show called “Show Me the Money” as one of the Million Dollar Dancers.

Amidst all the glory, Julianne has faced accusations from the tabloids and fans that she has had work done on her face. Some even claim that she’s gone overboard on plastic surgery. But is there any truth behind those plastic surgery rumors? Let’s find out:

Julianne Hough Plastic Surgery – Before After

Julianne Hough’s plastic surgery becomes the subject of much speculation, especially when the actress posts mind-blowing photos on social media. Her cosmetic procedures were deemed “too much” by several tabloids, who believed they were botched. The plot has since developed further.

Julianne Hough before and after photo

Julianne Hough before and after photo.

When we compare Julianne’s photos from when she was young and now, she is entirely different from how she carries herself now. Her changing looks might be the reason fans are speculating that she got surgery. The change in looks might be due to aging, but some traces of cosmetic procedures are evident in Julianne’s before and after photos.

The Dancing with the Stars professional dancer appears to have undergone a nose job, facelift, and jaw reconstruction surgery to achieve that defined and enhanced facial features. She’s also been accused of having liposuction and silicone implants. But we have nothing to validate these claims, which are presented with no evidence and on a hearsay basis (you know how cruel rumors are to celebrities).

Julianne Hough plastic surgery transformation

Julianne Hough before and after plastic surgery transformation.

Besides, Julianne has never admitted to having work done on her face or body. In fact, she’s not even cared to dismiss the plastic surgery rumors that come attached whenever her name surfaced on the internet.

Has Julianne Hough had Her Lips Done?

In 2021, Julianne shared a selfie that sparked debate, with her look being described as “too overdone”. According to numerous sources, the actress was preoccupied with her looks and was ruining them with a slew of invasive procedures.

Julianne Hough lip fillers

Julianne Hough’s selfie sparked plastic surgery speculation. Photo credit: Instagram/juleshough

As per Suggest, an insider stated that her friends were concerned about her new appearance. The source dished on how the choreographer had been over the top with all of her surgical as well as nonsurgical procedures.

According to the reports, Julianne Hough overdid her lip fillers, causing her lips to seem wonky. Too much botox was making her look extremely stretched and even alienated. Along with all of this, Julianne was said to have overdone the fake spray tan and extensions, adding to her over-the-top makeover.

With gobs of makeup and equally skilled photoshop abilities, the star appeared unrecognizable at moments, sparking criticism and conjecture about her plastic surgery.

Julianne’s looks appear to be mild and light as of now. Her current look is considered one of her best because it appears relatively natural, with radiant and youthful skin, plumpy cheeks, and proportionately full lips.