Jodie Marquardt Weight Loss Journey – From Being “Overweight” To “Bodybuilder”

By Ashish Dahal
Published on March 3, 2022, Updated on March 3, 2022

Jodie Marquardt Weight Loss Journey: From Being "Overweight" To "Bodybuilder".

It’s very rare to see a person entering a bodybuilding competition who was once facing the problem of being overweight. Australian mom Jodie Marquardt has achieved an incredible feat in terms of body weight. She shocked people after she revealed her 112 pounds weight loss.

Jodie, who was once on the brink of Type 2 diabetes, has now become a role model for both men and women around the globe. We can assure you it’s not an easy task to lose over 100 pounds. But how did Jodie Marquardt manage to shed off excess fat from her body?

Jodie Marquardt Weight Loss Journey

Jodie looks 10 years younger than before. At her heaviest, she weighed 105.2 kg. Four years after embarking on a fitness journey, she now weighs 54.4 kg. Stepping away from her comfort zone, Jodie made a positive change not only motivating her but also people around the globe.

Jodie Marquardt on her graduation day before loosing weights

Jodie Marquardt on her graduation day before losing weight. 

Before Jodie Marquardt began her fitness journey, she often used to eat junk food, especially large pizzas with pepperoni and a block of chocolate. But as her weight was rising day by day, which made her confidence low, she decided to quit unhealthy eating habits. It made her work on herself and quit the junk and fatty products.

She told:

“I had tried many fad diets before, but this time i was serious because my health was at stake.”

Jodie also opened that she used to fool the people around by eating salad in public and then eating junk food in private.  She said:

“I decided to do things differently by changing one haut at a time and then moving on to the next area instead of changing everything all at once and giving up when it got too hard.”

So, she slowly started to ignore junk food and cut it down to eat one or two days a week and slowly leading it to zero.

Jodie Marquardt ripped physique

Jodie Marquardt competes at bodybuilding competitions.

On her first day of workouts, Jodie used to weigh 232 pounds. She started with daily walks to keep her stamina before entering the gym.

“I started walking every day, initially only 1.2 miles which would leave me with a sweaty mess”.

Jodie Marquardt working out at gym

After working on herself for about nine months, the Australian mom had an amazing change. She lost over 74 pounds, which made her more motivated to work on herself. In an interview, she told:

“After reaching my goal weight of 154 pounds in nine months by eating fresh healthy foods, taking daily walks and working out at the gym, I decided to push my self even further.”

Jodie also went through lift surgery, breast reduction, and skin removal in the year 2019.

From Overweight Mom to Body Builder Mom

After all the hard work Jodie Marquardt had put into herself, she was definitely happy with the decision she made. However, she still was not satisfied with weight loss and stepped away from her comfort zone once again. She decided to enter a bodybuilding competition, which she said was the riskiest thing she’s ever done in her life.

Jodie Marquardt from over weight to body builder mom

Jodie’s transformation from an “overweight” to fit “bodybuilder”.

In 2020, Jodie started her preparation to enter the competition. After about a year of preparation in September of 2021, she entered the competition.

Inside the competition, she said:

“I never imagined I;d compete in a bodybuilding competition in my life.”

She added:

“Many people have commented that the makeover has given me a ten-year facelift but more importantly, i feel tne years younger as well.”

Four years of weight loss journey was not easy for Jodie.  She proved that you need to trust yourself and work hard to achieve what you desire.