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By Anna Maria
Published on June 2, 2020, Updated on June 2, 2020

Jackson Wang is a Chinese singer, a known member of Got7

Every seven members of the k-pop boy band, Got7, have drawn a huge fan base inside and outside of South Korea. Among the group, Jackson Wang, the rapper and dancer, has exceptional charisma and vocal ability.

Born on March 28, 1994, Jackson Wang is from Hong-Kong. He wasn’t initially prepared for the showbiz industry as he used to be a fencer for Hong Kong’s fencing team. Once, he stood the eleventh position in the 2010 Youth Olympics, likewise his father Wang Rui-Ji, who won the 1978 Asian Games. On the same note, his mother, Zhou Ping, held the gold medal at the 1982 World Gymnastics Championships.

He quickly rose to popularity after taking part in reality series, ‘Roommate’ in 2014. Fans were in awe of his straightforward attitude, extrovert nature, and a bit of struggle while speaking Korean amidst the TV show. Let’s find out every itsy-bitsy detail on Jackson Wang.

Jackson Wang Net Worth

Fans are assured that Jackson made their 2014 an amazing year with the show ‘Roommate.’ They loved how he fumbled over trivial things, juggled in between English and Korean language, and easily became lonely among the room partners. It bagged him a Newcomer Award, and an invitation to giant talk shows like ‘Happy Together,’ and ‘SNL Korea.’

The same year, fans realized his versatility within the boy band, Got7, where he could rap, sing, dance, as well as turn classical via the song, ‘The Castle in the Sky.’ In turn, the music lovers monstrously booked Got7’s concert halls, shows, and events. That’s how; Jackson Wang’s net worth is in the riches of $1.5 million.

Is Jackson Wang  Dating?

As per Indonesian singer, Stephanie Poetry who collaborated with Jackson Wang on “I Love You 3000”, he is a kind-hearted and fun person. Further, he looked after her as well as made her comfortable amidst the collaboration.

Jackson Wang dating

Jackson Wang and YoungJi from ‘Roommate’ | Source: Pinterest

Five years ago, fans went gaga over Jackson and KARA’s Youngji. There were sparks between them. Fans even demanded the duo to attend the virtual marriage show, ‘We Got Married.’ In an episode of ‘Weekly Idol,’ MC asked if he had seen Youngji as a woman. He nodded his head. At the same time, the lie detector machine verified his verdict. Also, the MC asked her the same question, and she replied that she had seen Jackson as a man all the time. So, why wouldn’t viewers ship the ‘Roommate couple’ even after five years?


He is much of an enthusiastic guy, who is into basketball, traveling, and swimming. After the hardships from training and practice sessions, he shoots the ball on the basket and rests his back on the swimming pool to keep up with tranquility.

Do you remember him asking if he could play basketball or invest in swimming during his stay on the reality series, ‘Roommate,’ six years ago?

Body Statistics

He is one of a charismatic guy on the stature of five feet and nine inches height. Thanks to new sports testimonials alongside martial art practice, he boasts a plump bicep and chest of 13 inches and 38 inches, respectively.


Despite earning scholarships from sports honor, he commuted to South Korea and indulged himself in rigorous k-pop amenities. Fortunately, he signed the JYP Entertainment talent training program in 2011. After three years, he debuted alongside JB, Mark, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom within a boy group, Got7, on EP ‘Got It?’. The debut EP rapidly mounted on k-pop charts.

The same year he rose to popularity from the TV segment, ‘Roommate.’ It triggered him much of the showtime on Star King, Law of the Jungle, Happy Together, Radio Star, Our Neighborhood Arts, and Physical Education, Saturday Night Live Korea, and so on. Further, he continued rising solo via a commercial for Midea and singles like “Tequila Sunrise,” “Different Game: “Dawn of Us,” “Walking,” and “I Love You 3000 II”. In the past few days, Jackson emerged as the first Chinese solo artist to debut on Mediabase US Top 40 Chart.


How does he take care of himself in the midst of a hectic schedule? He sure has bulging biceps and defined pecs, but he rarely manages his time for the gym because of frantic training and promotion sessions. Jackson gets to sleep only four to five hours a day and longer if he is fortunate.

He occasionally takes vitamin supplements and gets a massage to alleviate strain. His grandfather was a doctor who taught him not to take vitamins daily; it damages one’s liver. So, he doesn’t eat and drink before bed so that his body could have full rest.

Social Media

Jackson Wang is available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well. With seventeen million followers, he boasts his lifestyle, performances, and training sessions on Insta feed.

And it’s been only two years that he joined Twitter. He is the fifth member of Got7 to sign up for Twitter. Moreover, his solo acts have been assembling over millions of views counts on YouTube.

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