Is Jill Biden Going to be the First Lady of the United States of America?

By Ashish Dahal
Published on November 6, 2020, Updated on November 6, 2020

Is Jill Biden The Next First Lady? Know her works to date! | Credit: Politico

Is Jill Biden Going to be the First Lady of the United States of America?

The former second lady of America, Jill Biden might have a chance of becoming the next First Lady of the USA, if her husband Joe Biden surpasses the current president Donald Trump at the ongoing polls in the election. Likewise, she was recently seen with her husband for the star-studded “I Will Vote Concert”,  headlined by the FooFighters, Jon Bon Jovi, the Black Eyed Peas, and Cher. It was even live-streamed on youtube and it almost garnered about 12,000 views.

Here are the things you need to know about this woman who has a high probability of joining Mr. Biden in the White House.

Who is Jill Biden?

Jill Biden was born with the name Jill Tracy Jacobs on 3 June 1951 at Hammonton, New Jersey. She was the oldest among five sisters and they spent their childhood in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Jill was one of the talented ones among her sisters when it came to an academic qualification which later made her choose to become an American educator. She went to Upper Moreland High School and then graduated in 1969. Moreover, she also did graduation with a Bachelor of Arts, in English as she always had an interest in English Language and Literature. She graduated in 1975.

From American Educator to Second Lady

If you have followed Jill on her Twitter, you would know that she has always described herself as a “lifelong educator”. On her Twitter ahead of her address, she has said “Teaching is not what I do. It’s who I am”. With her decision-making talent and experience, she also has become one of the most valuable political advisers where she has helped her husband make the biggest decision when it comes to either personal or political ways.

Jill Biden sharing words while she was second lady

Jill Biden sharing words while she was the second lady | Credit: The Guardian

Jill was one who pushed him to run the presidential campaign in 2008 where she was dubious of his 1988 presidential campaign. And with this, she held the title of being the second lady for her husband Mr. Biden served as a vice-president from the year 2009 to 2017.

In an interview, she had said that,

“ Back in 2008, after we had won the election, no one really expected me to keep teaching”. 

She continued,

“ But I couldn’t just walk away… So I did both. For eight years, that was my life’s dichotomy. 

Eventually, at present, Mr. Biden is standing up against Donald Trump at the US election. And in any chance, if he beats Trump, Mr. Biden will be the next president of the USA, and Mrs. Biden will the next First Lady of the USA.

Love Towards Military

Mrs. Biden has always considered the military as her family. She showers love and supports the military and their families and she has shown that it is also one of her key concerns. Continuing to it, she also has launched the Joining Forces initiative with the former First Lady of USA Michelle Obama which is especially focused on helping military veterans and also their families and providing the facilities like employment and education. Then in the year 2012, she published a children’s book titled “Don’t Forget, God, Bless Our Troops” which was about her granddaughter’s experience of being a military family member.

What has Jill and Joe Biden said About Each Other?

After Mr. Biden was formally announced as the Democratic presidential nominee, she spoke to reporters about Mr. Biden and described him in deeply personal terms.

She said that he as a person, is a man of deep faith, empathy, and resilience to American voters.

Continuing to that she also added,

“ There are times when I couldn’t imagine how he did it- how he put one foot in front of the other and kept going.

“But I’ve always understood why he did it. He does it for you”.

Likewise, Mr. Biden also said some qualities and potential of her in an interview. He said that,

“For all of you out there across the country, just think of your favorite educator who gave you the confidence to believe in yourself. That’s the kind of the first lady… Jill Biden will be,”.

Jill Biden’s Married Life

Jill has married twice in her life. She first married Bill Stevenson in the year 1970. However, after 5 years of their married life in the year 1975, they separated.

Jill Biden Married to Joe Biden

Jill Biden and Joe Biden are married for years | Credit: Pinterest

After that in the year 1977, she married Joe Bidden. Together they are blessed with one daughter Ashley. Moreover, she also has two stepsons Beau and Hunter.