Hunter Tylo Looks Completely Different: The Result of Excessive Plastic Surgery?

By Sandy
Published on January 8, 2022, Updated on January 8, 2022

Hunter Tylo Looks Completely Different: The Result of Excessive Plastic Surgery? Photo credit: facebook/Hunter Tylo Fans

Hunter Tylo is a well-known face among fans of The Bold And The Beautiful, but has she gone too far with her plastic surgery? Grab all the details about possible cosmetic procedures that she’s likely had over the years.

The mother of three is best recognised for her work on The Bold And The Beautiful as Taylor Hayes. She’s been in the news recently because of her changing appearance, with fans wondering how the 59-year-old manages to avoid wrinkles.

Many believe Tylo has gone too far and has pleaded with the star to refrain from undergoing surgery. But is there any truth behind Hunter Tylo’s plastic surgery speculations? Let’s find out:

Has Hunter Tylo had Too Much Plastic Surgery?

Hunter Tylo has clearly evolved since her TV debut on My Children in 1985. Many people are curious about how she maintains her youthful appearance, and as a result, the actress has become embroiled in plastic surgery rumours.

Hunter Tylo before and after surgery

Hunter Tylo before and after surgery. Photo credit:

The most noticeable procedures that Tylo underwent, according to admirers, are breast augmentation, botox, and lip filler.

However, Tylo has never admitted to undergoing surgeries, and if she has, she isn’t the only soap actress to do so.

Experts Opinion on Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery

According to Manhattan cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Shafer, Tylo’s lips appear to have been filled with filler, but they are still natural. Dr. Sherrell J Aston, on the other hand, believes she is overdoing it with cosmetic surgery, describing her lips as “weird.”

Likewise, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn said:

“Her lips appear like they’ve been blown to gigantic proportions, probably from excessive injections of fat.”

Hunter Tylo plastic surgery

Hunter Tylo has likely had multiple cosmetic procedures on her face. Photo credit: Facebook/Hunter Tylo Fans

Dr. Youn concluded:

“Her cheeks also appear overly plumped, possibly from fat injections as well. Her face is excessively smooth, too smooth to be natural in my opinion. I suspect she’s undergone hefty doses of Botox to look this way. Botox may also explain the change in her eyebrows.”

While referring to Tylo as a “natural beauty,” Dr. Youn recommended her to avoid plastic surgery and leave her face alone for a bit.

Fans Reaction to Hunter Tylo’s Before and After Photos

While comparing to Tylo’s before and after photos, one can pinpoint several changes on her face that happened over the years. Many believe that the excessive use of cosmetic procedures has made Tylo look terrible as she used to be attractive before surgery.

Hunter Tylo before and after photo

Hunter Tylo before and after photo comparison. Photo credit:

One fan tweeted:

“Good Lawd…..Hunter Tylo needs to stop with the Botox & plastic surgery! She looks terrible!”

Another user quipped:

“Hunter Tylo used to be so beautiful. Botox, fillers & plastic surgery have NOT been kind to her.”

A user tweeted:

“Hunter Tylo before plastic surgery was fantastic. #BoldandBeautiful”

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