Harris Faulkner Weight Loss: Timeline and Transformation

By Anna Maria
Published on June 4, 2020, Updated on June 4, 2020

Did Harris Faulkner lose weight? Timeline and Transformation details!

Grab all the details regarding Harris Faulkner’s weight loss: timeline and transformation!

Every person has a secret formula to lose their respective weight. Even celebrities follow diet plans and workout sessions to shed some of the pounds. And similar is the case with Harris Faulkner, who is aware of her appearance on the camera while hosting either a daily daytime show ‘Outnumbered Overtime’ or the talk series, ‘Outnumbered.’

An American journalist, newscaster, and television host of Fox news channel, Harris Faulkner isn’t short of political and societal views since 2005. Consequently, she earned 6 Emmy Awards, including the Best Newscaster and Best News Special Awards in 2005, the year she persuaded her journalism. Once, she has spoken about how she should shine almost every time on the screen. It’s foreseeable that she trimmed down to a slimmer body to look presentable on camera.

Harris Faulkner Weight Loss

She didn’t deny the fact that TV personalities need to glow whenever they appear in front of a camera. Faulkner doesn’t step back while tallying perfect makeup, ideal makeup artist, and the right clothing attire. All she needs is to look spick and span. But initially, she looks after her skin through using the natural-based products, and visiting spa occasionally.

The spa is one of the natural interventional that cleanses toxins out of the skin. So, Faulkner chooses a spa to emphasize glow on the skin during the broadcast. If she is attentive about the appearance, she also fits in the bill of lean and thin. Henceforth, viewers can readily notice that she has lost some pounds.

Harris Faulkner’s Weight Loss Timeline

The mother of two children, Faulkner, is back on the curves. Back in 2015, when she appeared on the red carpet of ‘The Paley Center for Media,’ she was in all smiles in blue netted gown with a few flabby arms and waist.

Harris Faulkner Weight Loss

Harris Faulkner on the red carpet of ‘The Paley Center for Media’ in 2015 | Source: Zimbio

Two years later, she got rid of the fat deposits on arms and waist as she looked beautiful in a floral gown. Some of the curves and toned arms were visible when she arrived on the event, Paley Center for Media’ in 2017.

Harris Faulkner Weight Loss

Harris Faulkner attended the White House Correspondents Association in 2017. | Source: Pinterest

She graced her curved and slimmer body in chic outfits at the noon hour for ‘Outnumbered’ in 2018. It seemed as if she returned to her pre-pregnancy weight fully in 2018, before a year of being the anchor of Outnumbered Overtime.

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In both 2019 and 2020, she flaunted her curves in every outfit she wore. Be it a chic outfit or gym clothes; people could see a distinguishable drop in her weight as compared to bygone days.

Harris Faulkner’s Secret Workout

What did she do to lose weight? Her Instagram diary revealed it all. She loves horse-riding, and its benefit comes to cross her weight loss plan. When one is sitting on a horse, they aren’t staying idle instead of moving their body along the horse. For 190lb person, a horse riding activity burns 75 calories within just fifteen minutes. How does a horse riding help one in shedding their weight?

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I got the horses in the back. #oldtownroad

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It’s a part of aerobics.

Horse riding is a type of cardio exercise. Yet it depends on how intensely one is involved in a horse riding. It’s a high-intensity workout if a person rides a horse when they are gasping for air before taking any rest or talking. The more one rides a horse in high-intensity, the more they lose weight. The journalist must have surely tried vigorous sweating sessions.

It’s also an abs workout.

Horse riding develops muscles of inner thighs and legs, arms, and stomach. As the rider needs to balance within a neutral spine and stable feet on the saddle, they also require the trio of stamina stability and flexibility. In turn, it builds firm posture and core muscle strength. So, did her arms and legs looked toned and in great shape.

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