Haley Arnaz – Desi Arnaz Jr. and Amy Arnaz’s Daughter

By Sandy
Published on January 5, 2022, Updated on January 5, 2022

Haley Arnaz, Daughter of Amy Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. Photo credit: Jim Smeal / Getty Images

Haley Arnaz is well known as the adopted daughter of Desi Arnaz Jr. The iconic actor became her legal father after he married Amy Laura Bargiel, Haley’s mother. Since then, Haley has piqued people’s interest for years.

As Haley leads a notoriously private life, many are curious to know what she is up to these days. So, without further ado, let’s know her current profession, including other interesting facts about her.

Haley Arnaz Bio

Haley Arnaz was born in the year 1976 in the United States. Her birthday falls on December 17, which makes her a Sagittarius.

She is the only child born to Amy Arnaz nee’ Bargiel, a professional ballet dancer and instructor, and her first husband, Gary Frederick Charf-Wilkinson. She is of Polish and English descent.

Desi Arnaz Jr. and Amy Arnaz

Desi Arnaz Jr. and Amy Arnaz. Photo credit: Pinterest

When her parents split in 1979, Haley was just 3-year-old. Following that, her mother began dating Desi Arnaz Jr., who legally adopted Haley after their marriage.

Haley spent most of her youth in Boulder City, Nevada, with her family. She graduated from a local high school and switched to dance after that, following her mother’s footsteps.

Haley Arnaz Siblings

Though Haley is the only child of her biological parents, she has a half-sister from her father, Desi Arnaz Jr.’s side. Her sister, Julia Arnaz, was born to Desi Arnaz Jr. and his former partner Susan Callahan-Howe.

Julia was born to her parents when they were both just 15 years old. She had to spend her childhood outside of the Arnaz family for this reason. The father-daughter relationship blossomed when a paternity test in 1991 revealed Julia was Desi Jr.’s daughter.

Julia Arnaz, Haley Arnaz's half-sister

Haley Arnaz’s half-sister, Julia Arnaz. Photo credit: The List

Julia is currently enjoying a happy life with her spouse, Mario Anzalone. But she had to go through a difficult time in 2020 when her daughter, Desiree S. Anzalone, died of breast cancer.

Furthermore, back when Desi Jr. was dating actress Patty Duke, there were claims that he fathered one son with her named Sean Astin. Patty first claimed that her now-former husband, Michael Tell, was Sean’s father, but she later recanted her statement. It is still unknown if Sean is Desi’s son or not.

What is Haley Arnaz Doing Now?

Haley had every chance to become a great Hollywood sensation. But she followed in the footsteps of her mother, Amy, and became a professional ballet dancer.

Haley’s mother, Amy, enrolled her at Dance Etc Inc. in Boulder City, Nevada when she was very young. She took part in various ballet events as a child and performed in a number of ballets, including 2006’s ‘The Nutcracker.’

Haley also joined her parents’ Boulder City Ballet Co, where she performed in several ballet events. She currently resides in Santa Clarita, California, and we’re confident that if she is retired from ballet, she is still teaching it to children.

Is Haley Arnaz Married?

As Haley has opted to live a private life, nothing is known about her love life or marriage. Considering her age, she must be enjoying a happy married life with her husband and children. But due to the lack of evidence, we can’t confirm anything.

Haley Arnaz Lost Her Mother in 2015

Amy Arnaz dead

Amy Arnaz died of breast cancer in 2015. Photo credit: photos.geni.com

The Arnaz family said their goodbyes to Amy Arnaz at the beginning of 2015. The Boulder City native died of breast cancer on January 23, 2015, at the age of 63. The former ballet dancer was previously diagnosed with a brain tumor in January 2013.

What’s Haley Arnaz’s Net Worth?

Desi Arnaz Jr. adopted Haley when she was just a baby. Her lifestyle has altered considerably since then. Her father, after all, was one of Hollywood’s wealthiest actors.

Haley Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr

Haley Arnaz is the heiress of Desi Arnaz Jr.’s massive wealth. Photo credit: Getty Images

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Desi Arnaz Jr. has a staggering net worth of $40 million. This suggests that Haley lives a wealthy lifestyle as well. Her exact net worth, however, is unknown at the moment. But she is one of the heiresses of her father’s massive wealth.

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