‘American Idol’ Grace Kinstler Weight Loss and Hips Details!

By Venom
Published on May 29, 2022, Updated on May 29, 2022

Due to her weight reduction, Grace Kinstler, a skilled vocalist, has been in the center of internet conjecture and curiosity about her hips. So, did she lose weight?

Grace Kinstler’s performances on season 19 of American Idol stunned the audience. It was evident from the start that she had what it took to be the show’s major winner. Unfortunately, however, she could not win the trophy and ended up in third place.

Grace Kinstler Weight Loss Surgery?

Kinstler has grabbed the limelight towards her personal life with success on stage, especially her weight loss. 

While she has yet to respond to the speculations about her appearance, it is undeniable that she has shed a significant amount of weight in recent years. Such judgments may be drawn from looking at her before and after photos.

Meanwhile, the question remains, ‘how was she able to lose weight?’ 

Grace Kinstler Weight Loss

(Photo: Instagram)

As per sources, gastric bypass or bariatric surgery are the most likely options.

Likewise, it is believed that her special curved form, with somewhat unrealistic hips, is typically acquired by cosmetic surgery, particularly liposuction.

Whatever the case is, she looks adorable. So, kudos to her!

American Idol Grace Kinstler Hips

Grace’s large hips have piqued Netizen’s interest from time to time. It has been the primary talk of the town, and which also made the trending headlines on Twitter.

Many guessed and tried uncovering the truth about her health amid the obscurity of her large hips. Many assumptions came out, but the fact remains still the same.

Grace had been diagnosed with Lymphedema, one of the assumptions in the list tops them all. Various social media and web sources thus are making it the only cause.

Grace Kinstler Hips

Grace Kinstler Hips – Plastic Surgery or Lymphedema?

Talking about it, Lymphedema is an uncommon condition, in which the lymphatic system of the body gets clogged causing fluid to accumulate in soft body tissue. Because her hips are huge, she was suspected of having Lymphedema.

Grace Kinstler’s hips must have toned down because of her apparent great weight loss, giving her an hourglass appearance.

Grace is yet to make an official statement about her prominent hips.

5 Facts About The Rising Star

Born in Illinois

Grace was born and raised in the state of Illinois. She is a music student at Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music. Anilee List, a former contestant on this season of Idol, is also a Berklee student.

Grace Kinstler Weight Loss, Facts 1

Judge Moved to Tears in Her Audition

Grace began her American Idol audition performing Gladys Knight & The Pips’ “Midnight Train to Georgia.” When the judges asked for a second song, the 20-year-old completed Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” One of the judges, Luke Bryan, acknowledged that this was the first time in his four years on the program that he had been moved to tears by someone singing.

Grace Kinstler Weight Loss, Facts 2

Her Father’s Death

Grace disclosed the death of her father during her audition. She said, “My biggest supporter was definitely my dad. He passed away last February very unexpectedly, so that was really hard. I know that he would be here right now with me if he were still here, so I’m going to do this for him today…” Grace afterward showed off her father’s jewelry, which she wears around her neck.

Already Released Some Tracks

Grace has several tracks that she has self-released. In 2018 and 2019, she released two EPs, “Remember the People” and “Lavender.” “Ocean Kisses,” “Make a Choice,” “The World Doesn’t Wait,” and “Love Someone” is among her other singles.

Grace Kinstler Weight Loss, Facts 4

Dating Joseph Wheatley

Joseph Wheatley, a musician, is Grace’s boyfriend. He’s left a lot of heartfelt notes for Grace on his Instagram handle. On November 14, 2021, they celebrated their second anniversary.