Did Gabriel Iglesias Lose Body Weight? Tips and Diet Plan Revealed!

By Anna Maria
Published on June 24, 2020, Updated on June 24, 2020

Did Gabriel Iglesias Lose Body Weight?

Grab all the details regarding Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey and tips.

If you ever heard about fluffy, one of the names must have rung inside your head. It’s an American actor and comedian, Gabriel Iglesias, aka ‘The Fluffy Guy’ notable for the TV shows ‘I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy’ ‘Fluffy Breaks Even,’ and ‘Hot & Fluffy.’ He is often high on his humor, including a reference to his weight that there are six categories-“Big,” “Healthy,” “Husky,” “Fluffy,” “DAMN!!!” and “Oh Hell No!!”

But there came a time when overweight ruled out his lifestyle, and he required immediate changeover. In two years, he shed 118 pounds and led a healthy lifestyle alongside fluffy fame. However, he didn’t change for the way he looked; instead, he always loved his imagery of being a big dude. Additionally, he longed to walk in the stride of the fitness goal. Let’s recall how Gabriel Iglesias/ The Fluffy Guy began a weight loss journey.

Gabriel Iglesias’s Weight Loss

He used to weigh 437 pounds escorted by swollen legs; it wasn’t surprising that he was in agony while pushing heavyweight back on the legs. So, he thought of beating his fluffy side and getting a healthier fluff in turn.  In the weight loss journey, Gabriel and a fellow artist, Martin hit the gym together. Martin went for lifting routines while Gabriel chose to run at the treadmill and even raise some weights. The duo often pushed one another to fill in the gym attendance.

Did Gabriel Iglesias Lose Body Weight? Tips and Diet Plan Revealed!

Did Gabriel Iglesias Lose Body Weight? Tips and Diet Plan Revealed! | Source: The Sentinel

Similarly, the weight loss journey credits his girlfriend, who packed healthy snacks when they went somewhere to eat. In the beginning, he was upset that he didn’t get to gulp down his favorite food, but later he realized that his girlfriend desired him to set only a healthy way of living. One time, he reached the point of leaving everything (diet session and workout routine). He was in agony as the combination of exercise and healthy food broke him in tears. With the haste of the time, he adapted the weight loss regimen though he wasn’t relishing what he was eating.

Gabriel Lose over 100 pounds

He says losing weight isn’t a result of a day as it’s the baby steps of countless days. Seven years ago, weighed in at 437 pounds in 2013. Next, in two years, he dropped 118 pounds and dwelt a healthy lifestyle with a total weight of 327 pounds. Today he still looks fluffy but at the more youthful side, doesn’t he?

Did Gabriel Iglesias Lose Body Weight? Tips and Diet Plan Revealed!

In two years, Gabriel Iglesias dropped 118 pounds. | Source: NBC News

Well, it wasn’t only cardio that helped him shed off some pounds. He is one of the big guys out there; he couldn’t hang on the extreme cardio because of knee problems. Gabriel only ran for a day, and then he indulged himself in a DDP Yoga. It didn’t hit him on the joints; he quickly pushed off his weight back on the legs. Later, he needed a chair or a table to get him up after a few sessions of the DDP Yoga. That’s how a ‘biggie guy’ broke a sweat to trim down 118 pounds in two years.

A Doctor told Gabriel he had two years to live.

Back in the days, he was in worse condition. A doctor warned him a wakeup call that he had only two years to live. After all, he woke up every morning with a 300-plus sugar level.

Everything was quite messed up from his visions to the kidneys. Also, his diabetes led him to note that his back of the leg was turning darker because of poor circulation. He was still pushing 437 pounds as the skin cracked and then bled from his leg.

“There was one point where the back of my legs was almost black from poor circulation… I was pushing 437 pounds so I had really swollen legs… The skin was cracking on the inside part of my legs. There were parts where I was bleeding.”

“My vision started messing with me. And then my kidneys right now are still messed up from it.”

Hence, a doctor suggested him to change his way of living. One can’t live with a 300-plus sugar level every morning.

“That’s the biggest wake-up call you can get. Your habit is hurting you. You need to check yourself. You still have a chance.”

Gabriel’s Tips on Weight Loss

From DDP Yoga to diet routines, he credits his girlfriend, friend Martin, and trainer, who aided him to shed down his excess weight. Let’s reveal what he has to say on his weight loss tips:

Food hacks

He is a person who loves cake, sweets, and chocolates to the most. Gabriel stopped eating the entire cake and bread to trim down his weight. When he ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, he only munched on chickens and didn’t go for bread. Also, he had his cheat meal with a grilled cheese sandwich made up of sourdough bread, and four pieces of cheese in it.

No Hard Drinks

Well, drinks make one gain weight by stopping the body from burning down calories. Next, alcohol tends individual to have salty foods that aid in water retention. Plus, they are high in kilojoules and make them feel hungry most of the time. Gabriel used to get drunk four times a week; it’s a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. So, he chose for drinks only once or twice a month and eventually shed over 100 pounds.

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