Duke Keaton – Diane Keaton’s Adopted Son

By Sandy
Published on December 26, 2021, Updated on December 26, 2021

Exclusive Details You May Be Unfamiliar About Diane Keaton's Son, Duke Keaton. Photo credit: articlemix.com

When Diane Keaton decided to seek adoption more than two decades ago, she thought she had made the best decision of her life. Since then, she has embraced her role as a mother to her two children, Dexter White (née Keaton) and Duke Keaton.

Diane hall Keaton is an award-winning actress best known for her roles in films such as Annie Hall, the Father of the Bride trilogy, The Godfather, Book Club, and Something’s Gotta Give. She has won multiple awards throughout her career, which began in the 1970s, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and the AFI Life Achievement Award.

Diane needs no introduction to Hollywood fans. Despite being one of the famous actresses of Hollywood, she always makes sure to keep her children away from the spotlight. So, her fans are curious to know about her children.

In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Diane Keaton’s son. So, continue scrolling down!

When did Diane Keaton Adopt Duke Keaton?

The Book Club actress adopted her son, Duke, months after his birth in 2001. Duke has embraced his mother’s celebrity status, despite the fact that he has yet to pursue a career in Hollywood.


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For the time being, it appears that Diane’s young son enjoys photography, modeling, and hanging out with his buddies.

Is Dexter White Duke Keaton’s Biological Sister?

No, Dexter is also an adopted child like Duke. Dexter is the first child adopted by Diane in 1996, less than a year after she was born in 1995. Though Duke and Dexter aren’t biological siblings, they share a strong, inseparable bond.

Duke Keaton sister, mother

Photo credit: Instagram/mrs.whitenoizzzze

Dexter hasn’t sought a Hollywood career like her famous mother, but she has shown her support for Diane on a few red carpets over the years. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Dexter has been living a private life out of the spotlight.

Who is Duke Keaton’s Sister Married To?

Dexter White ( nee Keaton) is married to Jordan White. The two tied the knot in June 2021.

Duke Keaton sister, Dexter White's wedding

Photo credit: Instagram/mrs.whitenoizzzze

Following the wedding, an insider told Closer Weekly:

“The wedding was perfect. Diane has never tried to overshadow her kids, even at the wedding. She’s just the mother of the bride. It was Dexie’s day and she was a beautiful bride. Diane cried, of course … she just can’t believe how time flies by.”

The Insider added:

Now that Dexter is a married woman, Diane “wants them to give her grandchildren.”

Is Duke Keaton Dating Someone?

According to Duke’s Instagram, he has a girlfriend, who he appears to have been dating since the beginning of 2021. He debuted his relationship with his lovely girlfriend, Kate Edmiston, in February.

Duke Keaton girlfriend

Photo credit: Instagram/dukekeaton

Months after in June, he shared a photo of the two kissing and wrote: “She looked cute.”

Why Duke Keaton’s Mother, Diane, Never Got Married?

Though Duke Keaton’s mother, Diane, has dated showbiz stars like Woody Allen, Al Pacino, Warren Beatty, and others, she never exchanged wedding vows.

During a 2010 interview with Katie Couric, Diane explained why she never married anyone. The Oscar winner said:

 “I think the reason I didn’t get married was because I would have to compromise too much. . . . I wanted to try more adventurous things for myself.”

Diane Keaton and Woody Allen

Diane Keaton was once in a relationship with Woody Allen. Photo credit: dailymail.co.uk

The Godfather alum yearned for a “strong and substantive” relationship, but when she couldn’t find one, she opted to start a family on her own.

Despite the ups and downs that come with being a single parent, Diane did an outstanding job raising her children on her own. To this date, she has no regrets about being a single mother, except one: she couldn’t give her children a father.

In 2012, the Annie Hall actress said:

‘As a parent I provide all I can, but I think in the best possible scenario you need to have a man.’

Though Diane may regret not providing her children with a father, there’s no denying the fact that she gave everything to her children. And honestly, she is the best parent one could ever have.

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