Deborah Shiling Wiki: Exclusive Details About Bernie Sanders First Wife

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Published on December 26, 2021, Updated on December 26, 2021

Deborah Shiling Wiki: Exclusive Details About Bernie Sander's First Wife. Photo credit:

Deborah Shiling Messing is a former Hunger Mountain Coop buyer. But she rose to prominence as the first wife of veteran senator Bernie Sanders. Before their divorce, the former couple had been married for nearly a year and a half.

For so long, Bernie Sanders, the former presidential contender, kept the details of his previous marriage hidden from the public eye. Apparently, Deborah also lives a low-key life.

Here is everything you need to know about Deborah Shiling, including her past and current marriage and more!

Where is Deborah Shiling From? Her Age, Family & Birth Place

Bernie Sanders’s first wife, Deborah Shiling, was born in 1944 in Baltimore, Maryland. She is three years younger than her ex-husband Sander. The 77-year-old Shiling spent the majority of her early life in Baltimore with her family.

Deborah Shiling Birthday, Age

Shiling is the daughter of Moses Shiling, who served as the chief doctor of pulmonary diseases at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. She used to be a very studious child because her father encouraged her to do well in school.

Deborah Shiling Professional Career

Shiling previously worked for the Hunger Mountain Coop, a “20,000 square foot community-owned natural foods cooperative in Montpelier, Vermont,” according to the Daily Mail Online. She spent nearly two decades with the organization as a buyer.

Deborah Shiling’s Marriage with Bernie Sanders

Shiling got married to Bernie Sanders on September 16, 1964. The wedding ceremony took place at Shiling’s parents’ garden in Baltimore.

Deborah Shiling Married, Husband

Shortly after the wedding, Shiling and her then-husband Sanders moved to Middlesex, a small town nestled outside of Vermont’s capital of Montpelier.

The couple had initially a great bond and had a joyful marriage for nearly a year. Despite this, their marriage did not last long, and they divorced after 18 months of marriage in 1966.

Deborah Shiling and Bernie Sanders Attended the Same College

Shiling met Sanders a year before they married at the University of Chicago, where they were both students. They used to volunteer together on Israel’s Sha’ar HaAmakim kibbutz.

Sanders majored in psychology at the college. At the time, he was heavily involved in student rallies against racially segregated housing.

Shiling, like her husband, was a civil rights activist who was involved in a number of social justice concerns. In 1960, she joined the Congress of Race Equality and participated in a number of sit-ins in segregated restaurants in Baltimore.

Deborah Shiling’s Second Marriage

After the divorce from her first husband, Shiling married a man named Bob Messing. The two reportedly tied the knot in 1967.

Shiling describes her second husband as ‘a poet/logger/philosopher.’ The two have been living happily since their marriage without any conflict.

Deborah Shiling’s Daughter

Deborah Shiling gave birth to her daughter with her second husband, Bob, in the early 1970s. However, the couple hasn’t spoken anything about their only child nor revealed their name.

The family of three live less than a mile from Montpelier in a house on a high slope.

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