Davina McCall’s Weight Loss – From Flab to Ab!

By Anna Maria
Published on June 24, 2020, Updated on June 24, 2020

Davina McCall's Weight Loss - From Flab to Ab! | Credit: Photo by Ken

Grab all the details on Davina McCall’s weight loss journey, secret workout, and diets!

She doesn’t prefer to stand on the weighing machine and scale her weight every day. The former presenter of ‘Big Brother,’ Davina McCall says there’s a time when one feels right that he/she has gone through a transformation. So, she must have checked on the hard abs while she had a gut feeling that a right time has knocked on the door.

Davina McCall is the British TV personality who is notable as the presenter of “Big Brother’, ‘The Million Pound Drop,’ ‘Five Minutes to a Fortune,’ ‘The Jump,’ ‘Long Lost Family,’ and ‘This Time Next Year.’ Before being a TV personality, she ran to vivid, odd jobs in her twenties. In 1992, fortunately, she joined Ray Cokes’ Most Wanted on MTV Europe and embarked career in the TV industry. The Masked Singer UK star is unshakeable in her belief that her abs “has naturally improved as she got older.” What’s the secret behind Davina McCall’s weight loss?

How did Davina McCall lose weight?

She is fortunate; she never had to hit gym or strict diet sessions because of the average weight. The TV presenter believed she always had a toned stomach, but it appeared in a better version along with age. And she doesn’t initiate a workout routine for her six-packs; instead, she abides by the rule of a healthy lifestyle. McCall assured that her controversial six-pack is an outcome of genetics rather than a gym.

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In a year, she trimmed down her weight from size 12 to size 10. The mother of three, McCall was delighted to grace size ten clothes and also announced she didn’t long to shed any more weight in 2018. How did the TV personality alter to a fitness icon in the nick of time? Well, the credit goes to sugar-free diets and intense fitness regime, including a 500-mile triathlon and marathons at weekends. Let’s get in the workout and diet secrets of Davina McCall after having a glimpse at her transformation timeline from flab to abs.

Davina’s Weight Loss Timeline

In the early nineties, do you remember she already had a slim and trim figure when she was presenting MTV’s “Most Wanted”? She never had to seclude a schedule for weight loss programs. McCall looked ravishing in wedding gown as well as the chic outfits amidst the TV show ‘Big Brother’ in 2000.

Davina McCall Weight Loss

The early days of Davina McCall, when she used to present MTV’s Most Wanted| Source: YouTube

More surprisingly, she changed from an expecting mother with a baby bump to fit mum in a year. She never hurried to a gym to lose weight in lieu; she joined the membership to get in the shape.

Davina McCall Weight Loss

Davina McCall with her baby bump on the premises of ‘Big Brother’ | Source: Alpha

After giving birth to three kids, she lost her excess belly and also looked after flabby knees and ankles. In 2014, none could guess if she is a mother of three kids because of her toned body. Yet the same year, she gained 8 lbs following the knee injury, which halted her from exercises. A year later, she again came back to the fitness approach, when the injury subsided.

Davina McCall's weight loss, transformation

Davina McCall rocking hard abs in her early fifties
Source: Pinterest

It was the year 2017 when folks were awe-struck on her hard abs. At the same time, she parted ways from husband Matthew in December 2017, yet she moved on with most sculpted figures ever. It’s foreseeable why her fitness DVD records millions of sales globally.

Secret Workouts and Diets

She lists her foremost priority is motherhood, and then there comes a fitness journey. Whenever she posts the gallery of a toned belly, she gets asked how many times she works out a week. On response, McCall works out three to four times for at least 45 minutes to one hour a week.

Workout routines

She is into dancing pelvic thrust, and enjoyment. As per her personal trainer Sarah Grant, McCall always has fun while working out. She gets into running, boxing, high-intensity interval training, and clocking up 60-minute sessions on the bike for cardio. Similarly, for six-packs, she immerses in barre and yoga classes. Besides cardio exercise, she involves in a deep-water running with a buoyancy belt on in water to burn down calories.

Well, you must have been familiar with her extreme physical challenges if you are a regular visitor of her social media account. She is known for running a 500-mile triathlon, marathons, and swimming in a freezing cold Lake Windermere.

Diet Secrets

Along with DVDs, she has sold thousands of sugar-free books, which include recipes of healthy eating. She had whole grains and water instead of sugar and alcohol. Consequently, the eating-habits made her lose some pounds quickly. She didn’t miss the chance to have food at the right proportion for herself and her family though she was too occupied in a fitness regime or TV project.

McCall prefers cooking fresh to processed foods. So, she plans and then orders food for the week on a big chalkboard before cooking.

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