Darcy Vanhinsbergh – An English Actor and Producer

By Anna Maria
Published on May 20, 2020, Updated on May 20, 2020

Darcy Vanhinsbergh is an actor and producer.

Darcy Vanhinsbergh is an English actor who has a remarkable presence in “A Confession,” “EastEnders,” and “Poldark.” Whether it’s a historical drama, crime thriller, or family drama, he gripped each character into the abyss.

With an untold tale of age and early life, Darcy Vanhinsbergh is a charming lad from Penzance, England. Besides TV screens, he sharpened his theater credits after playing Laertes in Hamlet at the Riverside Studios.

The actor has been living under the rocks though he appeared on the primetime TV shows. However, we have jotted down every fact about Darcy Vanhinsbergh available on the database.

Darcy Vanhinsbergh’s Net worth

Apart from acting stint, he served as producer and writer for some of the series. For instance: he is a producer of a short movie, “New World,” and “Sticks” in 2016 and 2018 simultaneously. Similarly, he owns a writer credit to the previous short film, “New World,” as per IMBD.

So, he earns a lucrative paycheck from the trio of profession-actor, producer, and writer. The producers make decent money if their films are screened at the movie festival. Darcy Vanhinsbergh receives bankable figures, having said that hasn’t revealed his net worth.

Personal life

In a conversation with Kiwi Movers, he revealed one interesting fact about him. Did you know he was born with one eye shut for a couple of weeks? His parents must have been distraught to watch their new-born son with one closed eye.

But he didn’t go public on whether he had to undergo surgery or the condition disappeared all of a sudden.


When he isn’t filming for the TV shows, he takes his board and surf towards the shore that is not underwater or too high in the air. It would be fun to see him catch the momentum on the direction of the wave and holding arms on the side to surf on a mini roller-coaster slope.

He is adventurous. If he isn’t on the beachside, he takes his hobby on climbing- a sweat-breaking sport, while ascending steep rocks or mountains.

Body Statistics

On TV screens and photoshoots, he appears quite tall. His height stats are secluded from the media records. However, one can assume he is sturdy and fit because of his adventurous hobby.


Darcy has been in the entertainment industry for long that the folks are familiar with the actor for recent TV shows- “A Confession” and “EastEnders.” In 2008, he started acting stints in a short movie, “Nice Beaches.” Five years later, he again invested in short films, “Levellers: The Recruiting Sergeant,” “Pass The Comb,” and “Ripple Effect” in 2013.

Darcy Vanhinsbergh Career

Darcy Vanhinsbergh plays a hitman in “EastEnders.” Source: What’s on TV

Then, he played the subsequent role of solider in the first episode of the TV segment, Poldark, in 2015.  Vanhinsbergh balanced schedule for both of his short movies like “New World,” “Winter Hill,” and popular soap opera, EastEnders. If you remember, he played a hitman assigned to murder Billy Mitchell. Last year, the actor portrayed Steven Edwards amidst the hunt of missing 22-year-old Sian O’Callaghan in the TV show, “A Confession.” The same year, he appeared as a main lawn soldier in the movie, “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” prominent for collecting a worldwide total of $491.7 million.

Social Media

He isn’t a social media person. Vanhinsbergh is neither on Instagram nor Twitter. Perhaps he isn’t good with phone and technology like Jennifer Lawrence. If not, he likes to draw public attention through TV projects rather than social media.