Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Journey – Stay Healthy Following Her Diet Plan

By Sandy
Published on April 28, 2022, Updated on April 28, 2022

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Journey - Stay Healthy Following Her Diet Plan. Photo credit: Getty Images

Many followers have been inspired by Damaris Phillips’ weight loss transformation. We can observe that the chef has been dropping weight year after year, indicating that she chose to look fit in a natural way. Fans are curious to know Damaris Phillips’ weight loss journey, diet, and exercise routine, Also, check her before and after photos.

Damaris Phillips is an American celebrity chef and television personality who is working her way up the fashion industry. She rose to stardom after winning the Food Network Star competition in 2013. Since then, she has launched her show, “Southern at Heart with Damaris Phillips,” and co-hosts “The Bobby and Damaris Show” with Food Network legend Bobby Flay.

Her weight loss journey is something that inspires many. But how did Damaris Phillips lose weight? Let’s find out:

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Journey

It is quite difficult for any chef to maintain a healthy diet because they prepare a variety of meals every day. There is no denying that everyone loves food, and it is challenging not to consume everything that appears wonderful, regardless of its nutritional value.

However, Damaris Phillips is one of the chefs who lost a lot of weight as she rose up the ranks. Her before and after photos reveal that she has lost a significant amount of weight. She was way too heavier when she was named the winner of Food Network Star in 2013.

Damaris Phillips weight loss before and after photo

Damaris Phillips before and after weight loss photo.

Phillips hasn’t released any official statement on how she lost weight. However, as a professional chef, she is well-versed in foods and their nutritional merits. As she has a vegetarian husband, she has fallen in love with vegetarian cuisine that is low in calories.

Damaris Phillips states that her meals are roughly 75% vegetarian, and her first cookbook, Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy, is likewise meant to promote people to eat more vegetarian foods.

It’s no surprise that her husband helped her in her weight loss journey. Her Instagram also suggests that she enjoys working out, as she frequently discusses her workout routine and her experiences with different regimens.


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The celebrity chef has never mentioned anything regarding her weight loss, so we can presume she did not have any weight-loss surgery. But it’s vivid that she has been dropping weight for several years.

Given that she never experienced a dramatic change, we presume that her weight loss occurred gradually in a natural way.

Damaris Phillips looks much more confident with her looks now. Apart from sharing recipes for healthy and delicious food, she also frequently shares her pictures wearing summer outfits with her friends. No surprise, fans have been amused with her looks and can’t stop praising her for her transformation.

Damari Phillips Diet Secrets

Southern at Heart, Damaris Phillips’ hit Food Network show, presents her recipes and cooking ideas with a Southern touch. In one of her episodes, “Strong is the New Skinny,” she reveals her approach to building a strong, healthy body through good dietary choices.

Damaris Phillips - How she lose weight

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Damaris suggests “Rather than focusing on how your body looks, consider focusing on how your body works—how powerful your body is”. Here are some of her tips to stay healthy.

1. When you’re eating, pay attention to what you’re doing

Damaris continually tastes the dishes of her students. To avoid having to taste foods twice or three times (for the sake of her waistline), she concentrates on each mouthful she takes to truly enjoy the taste and feel the effect it has on her body. When she eats at home, she employs the same strategy to detect fullness and avoid overeating.

2. Let rid of the notions of “good” and “bad” food

Instead of thinking, “Oh, this is a healthy meal; I should eat it because it’s healthy,” I try to think, “I should eat broccoli because it’s delicious when roasted!” Butternut squash is one of my favorite vegetables because it tastes like candy!”

3. Throughout the day, eat modest meals

You won’t be tempted to feast on junk food if you don’t allow yourself to become very hungry.” When Damari Phillips is hungry, she yells, ‘Pringles!’ ‘Sure, let’s do it!'”


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To get through the day, the chef consumes almonds, almond milk-nut butter smoothies, avocado with tuna fish, or a spoonful of peanut butter.

4. Don’t use the deep fryer!

Many Southern delicacies are usually deep-fried, but Damaris has developed a way for attaining the same flavor and texture without the fat: pan-sear whatever you’re making until the outside is crispy, then finish it in the oven.

5. Make smart swaps

Rather than focusing on eliminating things, the chef aims to include nutrient-dense foods into her diet. ‘What can the chef provide to make her muscles work harder?’ Rather than trimming the fat, says the TV personality. ‘What can the chef add to this to give me the vitamins I need?’ It’s got a great feel to it!” This approach inspires her to use protein-rich Greek yogurt as a sauce or topping, as well as sprinkle omega-3-rich walnuts into a salad.