Chinenye Ezeudu Weight Loss: Amazed Fans With Incredible Transformation

By Sandy
Published on October 13, 2021, Updated on October 13, 2021

Chinenye Ezeudu looks more slimmer than before. Photo credit: Instagram/chinenyeezeudu

The London-born and bred actor Chinenye Ezeudu had her breakthrough role on Season 2 of Netflix’s hit series “Sex Education,” where she plays Moordale High School’s best student, Vivienne Odusanya. She reprised the role on Sex Education Season 3 that dropped on 17 September on Netflix. This time, the talented actress amazed her fans with her incredible weight loss on the series. 

Chinenye Ezeudu was among the crowds of Netflix users who binge-watched the series in 2019. The young performer from East London had just landed her debut small-screen role in Harlan Coben’s The Stranger when she decided to take matters into her hands.

Ezeudu debuted in the second season of Sex Education as Viv, a bright but rule-abiding student at Moordale High, following a successful year of planning. To find out what Ezeudu has to provide on this season, you’ll have to watch season 3. However, in real life, she is currently making the rounds on the internet due to her weight loss rumors. Did she lose some weight? Let’s talk about it.

Chinenye Ezeudu Weight Loss – Did She Lose Some Weight?

In season 3, Chinenye Ezeudu, aka Viv on Sex Education, has lost a lot of weight. Fans couldn’t stop marveling at her dramatic transformation as soon as the third season of the popular Netflix show premiered on the streaming site.

As you can see in the before and after photos, the actress has lost so much weight that it’s virtually impossible to tell who she is.

Chinenye Ezeudu weight loss

Chinenye Ezeudu looks slimmer than before. Photo credit: Instagram/chinenyeezeudu

Only by putting in a lot of effort and dedication can you achieve such fantastic results. So there’s no doubt that this outstanding actress has been working hard to shed weight over the past year.

While the exact number of pounds she shed has yet to be revealed in the public realm, it’s safe to assume it’s a significant amount. Furthermore, Ezeudu has yet to speak to the media about her physical change, so we can only conjecture about her diet and workout routine until she does.

Ezeudu’s weight loss transformation is undoubtedly motivating for anyone trying to lose weight. Let’s hope she reveals her secret soon. A lot of fans are looking forward to hearing it.

Meanwhile, many social media fans believe The Stranger actress appears to be in better shape than she has been in the past. They are ecstatic with her weight loss and are thrilled for her.

Before and After Photos Comparison

Chinenye Ezeudu before and after photo

Chinenye Ezeudu looks much slimmer than before. Photo credit:

Ezeudu has clearly lost oodles of weight. Her weight was reportedly around 85 – 90 kg before, but now, it seems she weighs about 72-78 kgs.

While comparing the previous and recent photos, we can see the difference in her jawline. Her cheek was fluffier before than it is now. In fact, her whole body has transformed, making her look sexier and beautiful.

Though Ezeudu hasn’t revealed the secret behind her weight loss, such a massive transformation is only possible with strict diet plans and rigorous workout sessions. Most likely, she hired a personal trainer to aid her in training sessions.

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