Caroline Stanbury Net Worth in 2022: How Did She Made Such a Massive Fortune?

By Sandy
Published on January 14, 2022, Updated on January 14, 2022

Caroline Stanbury's Net Worth in 2022: Lives a Lavish Life in Dubai. Photo credit: Instagram/carolinestanbury

Multimillionaire socialite Carolina Stanbury is the definition of high society. Having been born into an upper-class family, she had been mingling with Europe’s high society since she was a kid. Since 2016, the daughter of a venture capitalist, Anthony, and a fashion entrepreneur, Elizabeth, Caroline has been living a lavish lifestyle, flaunting her immense wealth, in Dubai, the city of luxury and glamour.

A born and bred Londoner, Caroline rose to fame after starring in Ladies of London, which topped the UK charts from 2014 to 2017. Before her TV fame, she was a top personal stylist and a budding entrepreneur.

One of the most well-known potential cast of The Real Housewives of Dubai, Caroline recently tied the knot with former Real Madrid player, Sergio Carrallo, in a star-studded luxe Dubai wedding.


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The British-born Caroline often praises life in Dubai for allowing her to flaunt her extreme wealth without embarrassment. Fans couldn’t stop but wonder how much is the ultra-glam Dubai socialite actually worth. And, how did she make her own millions? Let’s find out:

How much is Caroline Stanbury Net Worth in 2022?

Caroline, who was born into the Vestey dynasty, has a whopping net worth of $30 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She made her fortune from her reality TV, socialite, and entrepreneurial ventures.

How Did Caroline Stanbury Make Her Millions?

Caroline was born with a silver spoon on her mouth as her father, Anthony, is a former Jaeger managing director, and her mother, Elizabeth, is a fashion entrepreneur who is in the business of cashmere knitwear. Her mother is a descendant of the Vestey Dynasty, which is estimated to be the second wealthiest family in Britain after the King in 1940.

Caroline Stanbury multimillionaire

Photo credit: Instagram/carolinestanbury

After graduating from the prestigious Westonbirt Boarding School, Caroline began her career as a public relations professional and later on worked as a fashion stylist. She quickly made a name for herself dressing in London’s most glamorous socialites.

In 2008, the 45-year-old socialite-turned-entrepreneur launched “The Gift Library of Caroline Stanbury”,  an online luxury goods retailer. After the success of the business, she went on to open three more branches within five years. Unfortunately, she had to close down in 2015.

Caroline also acquired an independent wedding list service, “The Wedding Shop” in November of 2013. She later launched branches of the franchise in Brown Thomas in Dublin, Ireland, and in Selfridges on Oxford Street.

Caroline Stanbury expat life

Photo credit: Instagram/carolinestanbury

In 2014, the ex-wife of Cem Habib joined the new television reality show Ladies of London. She appeared in all three seasons of the show, which aired in both the UK and US.

Caroline moved to Dubai with her ex-husband, Cem Habib, and their three kids in 2016. Some part of her wealth also comes from her former marriage with the Turkish financier. In addition, the socialite also earns thousands posting Instagram photos and promoting swanky hotels and fashion, clothing brands.

Caroline Stanbury Praises Expat Life in Dubai

The multimillionaire socialite recently appeared on the BBC2 documentary series Inside Dubai, where she shared her joy of living in Dubai that allowed her to flaunt her extreme wealth without embarrassment.

She reflected on how the wealthy people in Britain are taught not to flaunt their money. But the case is entirely different in Dubai, where one can openly ‘put all their jewelry’ at once and dress their children in Dolce & Gabbana.

Caroline Stanbury children

Caroline Stanbury’s three kids. Photo credit: Instagram/carolinestanbury

Caroline said:

“In Britain, we’re taught that if you have money, you shouldn’t show it. You’re meant to turn your lights off at 7pm and share a bath with your family. Here you turn all your lights on, and you put all your jewellery on at once.”

She added:

‘Any British billionaire is dressed in Marks & Spencer, that’s just what we do. Here, they wear Dolce & Gabbana and so do their children.’

The socialite continued:

‘They’re doing something right the rest of the world hasn’t cottoned on to.’

Described as ‘one of Dubai’s most successful influencers’, Caroline is undoubtedly enjoying her lavish life in Dubai thanks to her immense net worth.

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