Carey Lowell Plastic Surgery – Did The Law & Order Star Go Under The Knife?

By Sandy
Published on March 23, 2022, Updated on March 23, 2022

Carey Lowell's Plastic Surgery: Did The Law & Order Star Go Under The Knife? Photo credit:

Carey Lowell, the star of Law & Order, has been suspected of undergoing plastic surgery since she does not appear like a 61-year-old woman. Has the on-screen Jamie Ross gone under the knife? Check out her before and after pictures.

Carey Lowell is a former model and actress from the United States. She is best recognized for her role as Jamie Ross in the NBC police procedural series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She began her modeling career working for prestigious fashion labels such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Lowell recently reprised the role of Jamie Ross for the 21st season of the show in 2022. She is also noted for her role as Bond girl Pam Bouvier in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill.

Since her recent comeback, Carey Lowell’s plastic surgery has been the subject of curiosity amongst fans. So, what are the cosmetic procedures that she has allegedly undergone? Let’s find out:

Did Carey Lowell Have Plastic Surgery?

After nearly 11 years of being in a relationship with her ex-husband Richard Gere, it’s understandable that the public began to question Carey Lowell’s appearance. It appears that she had to maintain her appearance at all times.

Carey Lowell then and now

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Her ex-husband, Richard Gere, had also gone under the knife a few times, which grabbed the public attention. Richard did not keep his cosmetic surgery a secret from the public and made it public.

As Richard grew older, he underwent plastic surgery to keep maintain his attractive features. Nobody wants to appear old, especially if they are famous. He said that he had undergone plastic surgery several times, not once or twice.

Carey Lowell ex-husband

Carey Lowell’s ex-husband, Richard Gere, has undergone multiple plastic surgeries. Photo credit: vanity fair

Lowell is still as beautiful as she was when she was in her 40s. A few wrinkles and scruffy skin, on the other hand, show that she hasn’t had extensive plastic surgery, unlike her ex-husband. It’s amazing how she’s managed to keep such a youthful appearance at her age. Everyone wishes they could look the same at that age.

Carey Lowell possessed a distinct appeal throughout her prime years that she still possesses today. She hasn’t worked in the film industry in nearly a decade. As a result, while she may appear older, her eyes, nose, and cheeks are all the same. So, we may confidently presume she hasn’t had any type of surgery.

Carey Lowell now

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Overall, it appears that Lowell’s beauty is solely the result of her parents’ superb genes. Furthermore, quality cosmetics and skincare products may have a significant impact on her appearance.