Cameron Gellman – American Actor

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Published on May 20, 2020, Updated on May 20, 2020

Cameron Gellman, an American actor

Cameron Gellman is an American actor who recently roped in the breakout role, Rick Tyler, aka Hourman on the DC Universe series “Star Girl.” After four years of the Hollywood debut, he found an afresh flame in a new comic book-inspired TV Show.

Born on October 11, 1998, in Clayton, Cameron Gellman grew up with his brother, Justin, under the guards of parents- Jeff Gellman and Kimmy Sokolik. Following the high school, he shifted to LA alongside his mother to catch on the acting route.

Everyone anticipates the best out of the actor, Gellman, as the legacy character of DC comics. Let’s find out interesting facts and trivia about Cameron Gellman.

Cameron Gellman’s Net Worth

As per critics, the DC Universe series “Star Girl” is a hopeful delight. He portrays Rick Tyler, who depends upon a drug, ‘miraclo’ that provides him superpower for an hour. Hence, he goes by the moniker, Hourman, likewise his father Rex, the inventor of a drug in his old school.

Cameron Gellman Net Worth

Cameron Gellman in the TV series Heathers in 2018

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Four years back, he started out as one of the teens in the TV show, “Days of Our Lives.” Now, he plays a significant role alongside the lead actor, Brec Bassinger, aka Courtney Whitmore, a new comic book-inspired television series, “Stargirl.” From earning quite a buck, Gellman braces thousands of dollars at the moment. Above all, the DC Universe network sheds light on him. On rough estimation, Cameron Gellman’s net worth whops around $500 thousand.

Personal Life

His parents held a vivid profession, yet the entertainment industry wooed him to the extent that he left his hometown Clayton and commuted to LA, the city of dreams. Jeff Gellman, his father, is an area vice president at Blue Belt Technologies, Inc. Similarly, His mother, Kimmy Sokolik, is a vice president at Prestige Foods.

Justin Gellman is in the pursuit of a different career by the same token. In one of the Instagram posts, he remembered his elder brother living in a different country to pursue his career. Further, he called Justin a role model who influenced him throughout the journey.


Gellman is a dog-person. When he is exhausted of the shooting schedules, he secludes his spare time for Fred. The duo of Cameron and Fred has engaged in afternoon chats and travel destinations.

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Apart from spending time with Fred, he indulges in traveling as well as cycling. He loves an aura of nature on the hillside. If he needs to accelerate to the cliff, he rents a bike and rides it to the top.

Body Statistics

The actor has everything all in all, from good-looks to lanky height. Cameron Gellman stands six feet tall.  Watch him grace the Hourman suit in comic book-inspired television series, “Stargirl.”


In 2016, he debuted as a teen boy in the TV show, “Days of Our Lives.” The same year, he played a good-looking guy in the TV series, “The Thundermans.” Then, he played a subsequent part in “Relationship status,” “Let the right one in,” “The Fosters,” “Heathers,” and “The Good Doctor.”

This 2020, he plays one of the superhero, Rick Tyler from The Justice Society of America. He will surely grip forthcoming big projects if he plays his card right.


At the age of thirteen, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It is a chronic condition where one’s pancreas generates either minimal or null insulin.

You may know Cameron Gellman as an actor but did you know he is also a #T1DChampion? Diagnosed at 13 years old, he didn'…

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But he suppressed his anxiety and regulated his condition through a healthy diet, physical activity, maintaining weight, and taking insulin.

Social Media

He is available on Instagram. The actor is an open book on Insta diary, revealing his food carvings, family, pet, traveling shots, and TV projects. His account will witness the rise in followers since Rick Tyler is an unforgettable character.

To date, he has 4,027 followers on Instagram. Also, he might be thinking of getting on other social media platforms.

Cameron Gellman