Billy Gardell’s Weight Loss Journey: Fighting Diabetes Via Weight Loss

By Sandy
Published on September 10, 2021, Updated on September 10, 2021

Losing weight is not only about getting more exercise and cutting back on carbs; it’s about changing the way of life forever. That being said, weight loss is a journey, which many fail to keep up for the long haul. But the two-time Daytime Emmy Award-nominated actor, Billy Gardell,  has set up an example, going to great lengths to lose weight after he got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Born on 20 August 1969, the 52-year-old actor and stand-up comedian is best known for playing Chicago police officer Mike Biggs in the long-running sitcom Mike & Molly. Since 2019, he has been playing the lead role of Bob Wheeler in the CBS sitcom series Bob Hearts Abishola.

Gardell has lost massive weight over the years, and he looks more fitter than ever right now. If you’re interested to know the details of his incredible weight loss journey, keep reading!

Billy Gardell’s Struggle with Weight Gain

Billy Gardell, born “William Gardell Jr.,” connected with the viewers exceptionally with his role of Mike Biggs in the CBS sitcom Mike & Molly. He was very mindful of his massive physique when he had booked the role in the show.

The actor strives mover than ever to undergo weight loss and win the battle against Type 2 diabetes. He has always been a man with unhealthy habits and health issues before his sober days.

From a relatively young age, Gardell had been smoking and drinking. In an interview with Wicked Local Cambridge in July 2019, the actor recalled:

“I feel like my whole life has been quitting things.”

At the time of the interview, Gardell had already given up his drinking and smoking habits and was sober for 11 years. A type 2 diabetes patient, his weight once reached as high as 350 pounds.

Billy Gardell weight loss

Billy Gardell as “Mike Biggs” in the comedy sitcom “Mike & Molly.” Source: The Northern Express.

While speaking with the East Valley Tribune in August 2011, Gardell admitted that he grew up fat. At the time, he came to know of Marie Claire’s article that claimed watching two overweight people in a romantic situation (in Mike & Molly) was distasteful.

The Yes, Dear actor added:

You think I’ve never heard fat jokes before? I learned a long time ago about life that, hey, sometimes some people just ain’t going to like your face. That’s their thing.

Gardell’s weight loss journey was always about his well-being and living a long, healthy life.

Billy Gardell: Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Gardell collaborated with a dietitian and a therapist in 2011 to keep his weight under check despite having bad days. He told East Valley Tribune:

There are some days when I feel like rolling around in a pizza. I’m trying to keep the good days outnumbering the bad ones.

The Mike & Molly producers offered Gardell a personal trainer. He then began working out and following strict diet plans, and the result was absolutely fascinating.  He confirmed he had lost about 45 pounds of weight when he appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The actor also added that he would prefer to lose another 30 pounds for the sake of his knees.

Billy Gardell before and after

Billy Gardell before and after pictures. Source: weight and skin

Speaking with Tampa Bay Times in June 2015,  the Swissvale, Pennsylvania native revealed that he had lost 70 lbs and was eager to lose 80 more. He told:

A couple of different things started me trying to get a little healthier. I wanted to be around for my child. And my knees can’t take it anymore, man. I’ve got to take some of this weight off. I’ve lost 70, but I still got 80 to go.

Billy Gardell: Fighting Diabetes with Transformation Program

During a regular check-up in mid-2017, Gardell was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He then opted to make more sacrifices to lose weight and keep his diabetes at bay.

In March 2020, he completed Novo Nordisk’s transition program to take care of his type 2 diabetes. The 5 feet 11 inches tall actor also began taking an injectable non-insulin medication called “Ozempic.”

Billy Gardell transformation

Billy Gardell hired a trainer to lose weight and fight diabetes. Source: diaTribe

Gardell, who has a whopping net worth of $8 million, became a paid spokesperson for Novo Nordisk after his incredible transformation. On 15 February 2021, he starred in an advertisement for Ozempic.

As of 2021, the Young Sheldon guest actor looks fitter than ever.

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