Ashley Jensen’s Weight Loss Story Revealed

By Anna Maria
Published on July 8, 2020, Updated on July 8, 2020

Ashley Jensen's Weight Loss Story Revealed

Grab all the details regarding Ashley Jensen’s weight loss story, body workouts, and diet secrets!

From the hometown Scotland to Los Angeles, Ashley Jensen never knew she would be a flashy flame in the US. The Scottish actress had been in the side roles, comedic genres, supporting characters, and finally, a main cast on the TV shows. Only a few folks are familiar that ‘Extras’ queen is also an exemplary weight loss transformation actress of the mid-2000s year.

Ashley Jensen is remarkable for her roles Maggie Jacobs, Christina McKinney, and Agatha Raisin, in the TV shows- Extras, Ugly Betty, and Agatha Raisin, respectively. Finally, in the mid-forties, she became a main cast, Agatha Raisin, who is strangely a PR executive solving rural murder cases. A decade ago, she was on the screen as a mate of Betty Suarez between 2006 and 2010. Let’s dive down to facts on Ashley Jensen’s weight loss secrets during her stay in LA.

Ashley Jensen’s Weight Loss

As a character, Christina McKinney, who brought drama and comedy on the table of ‘Ugly Betty,’ Ashley Jensen has come across 35 pounds weight loss journey.  Reducing the flabby arms and getting back at the curves in her late thirties, she made a household name with Maggie Jacobs, Christina McKinney, in the mid-2000s.

Ashley Jensen's Weight Loss Story

Ashley Jensen in the comedy TV show, Agatha Raisin| Source: Los Angeles Times

But none of them suggested her to shed some pounds before. Plus, they didn’t bother her, telling she should have undergone lip filler and Botox to binge the attractive appeal on the screen. Perhaps, she was one of the side roles or an outsider whom they didn’t pressure to change her mien. Still, she trimmed down more of her 35 pounds and landed a major role in American Television.

“Maybe it was because I was too old, or I was in comedy. ‘Ah, just leave her, she’s beyond it.’ I think it’s because I was a little older, an outsider, and I was always up for the best friend [part], so I never felt pressured. I still don’t feel pressure to change what I look like….”

Weight Loss – Before and After

Losing a significant amount of weight makes one approachable and self-assured. In terms of Ashley Jensen, she bagged the role in American shows. Plus, the casting directors were in awe of her accent; it wasn’t the weight loss effect alone that landed her on the TV segments. In the early days, she regarded her line of work as a success while working in the theaters because she was reinforcing herself on the chosen profession. It merely works on most of the actors, though.

Ashley Jensen's Before and After Pictures

Ashley Jensen’s Before and After Pictures. What a transformation! | Source: Idol Personna

As in the before and after picture of Ashley Jensen, one can easily notice she has gotten rids of flabby arms and approved a new trim waist. She has her curves in a slinky cocktail dress and heels. After all, she lost extra baggage of 35 pounds while staying in LA.

Ashley’s Secret Workout

There’s always a workout regime or diet secrets for a weight loss strategy. What’s the secret behind the slim and trim figure of the actress? Though she hasn’t chosen words on workout schemes, she has unveiled how the dirt helped her drop 35 pounds.

Ashley Jensen's Weight Loss Story

Ashley Jensen lost 35 pounds while staying at LA in 2006| Source: Pinterest

Vegetarian diets

Before she took a flight to Los Angeles, she turned vegetarian. All thanks to her mother, who inspired Ashley to go over plant-based diets. So, she consumed nutrient-dense and low-calorie diet, which automatically refers to no chance of gaining extra pounds. Also, it meant shedding down the surplus of weight that you had before.

All of a sudden, she was slim and trimmed while staying in the city of dreams- Los Angeles. After four years of creating a household name, Christina McKinney, in ‘Ugly Betty,’ she left the show and returned to the hometown where she broke pescatarian rules. She turned towards the non-vegetarian diets again. Though Ashley includes the meat-based diet, she still possesses a lean figure, likewise the ‘Ugly Betty’ days.

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