Ariel Winter’s Plastic Surgery – The Truth!

By Anna Maria
Published on May 21, 2020, Updated on May 21, 2020

Ariel Winter

Well, the plastic surgery rumors get stuck throughout their career and often snipe humiliating comments back on social media.  It might be the reason that they either hide or deny whether they went under the knife.

The ‘Modern Family’ star, Ariel Winter, didn’t watch those mouthful comments swirl when she was alleged of extensive plastic surgery and using illegal drugs to shed weight. Folks pointed if she chose the cosmetic procedure like Lip Fillers and Botox Injections when she started to look different all of a sudden. Let’s figure out.

Ariel Winter’s Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a miraculous intervention that restores and reconstructs the human body. History mentions repairing a broken nose is one of the pioneer plastic successes in the Edwin Smith Papyrus. It is one of the categories of plastic surgery, i.e., reconstructive surgery, while other is cosmetic surgery. Most of the celebrities book an appointment for cosmetic surgery to coincide the beauty standards.

Ariel Winter Plastic Surgery

Ariel Winter had breast reduction surgery Source: E! Online.

Back in 2015, she opened up about her breast reduction surgery. Her bosoms were aching. She thought of cutting out excess fat and tissue from breasts via surgery. The actress thought it’s a normal procedure since most of her female family members had opted the same. Consequently, she reduced her breast side and alleviated herself from affliction.

Everything went well till she posted a picture, looking different, relatively thin alongside a new oval face, tight jawline, and full lips. On response, folks alleged the actress of chopping her body and yet not being honest about it.

Before and After

She brushed off the rumor of using Lip Fillers and Botox Injections when people pointed out her a different being in a picture. Let’s differentiate how the actress looks before and after the plastic surgery.

Ariel Winter Before and After

Ariel Winter Plastic Before and After Plastic Surgery Source: SkinCare Edits

She has come up with an oval shape face, a new nose, and full lips. Among these three changes, the full lip is obvious in the picture, isn’t it? Her lips appear evenly plum on the top as well as the bottom.

Winter is also alleged to have re-shaped cheeks that look more youthful and plump. Is it the miracle of cheek fillers? While some people suspect her using Botox in the jaw that might have slimmed down the face. And others guess if it’s submental liposuction which sharpened jawline by extracting more of a pound on the chin.

Was the Pain Worth the Gain?

Her nose and face appear comparatively smaller than before. Yet, she denies undergoing plastic surgery. Five years ago, she admitted going under the knife to reduce the breast size, not for cosmetic purposes.

“I got it because I needed it, I needed it, I wanted it, I feel better about myself with it. I feel like I’m the way I’m supposed to be.”

Winter refused the entire allegation and called attention to weight loss that caused the drastic change in her facial feature. Further, she stated switching of anti-depressants led her to shed weight unexpectedly.  Regardless of the taunts and trolls, she has learned to live happily. It’s up to her if she chooses to open up or not regarding the cosmetic procedure. Everyone has their world.

Dating Luke Benward after Levi Meaden

Last year, Ariel Winter and Luke Benward were spotted getting cozy at a West Hollywood restaurant. Fans thought it was a good chance for the TV actress since she had recently broke-up with Levi Meaden. The duo grew apart after three years of relationship because they weren’t on the same page as before. Though they are apart, they bear no hard feelings for another.

Ariel Wnter dating Luke Benward after Levi Meaden

Ariel Winter dating Luke Benward after Levi Meaden Source: E! Online.

In January 2020, the media spotted Ariel Winter and Luke Benward again; they were relishing at the InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes afterparty. According to sources, the TV actress is into Benward’s positive energy and charm, but somehow, she is in an attempt to keep the relationship confidential. It appears as if Luke is in no mood to conceal their bond.

When Ariel uploaded a selfie captioning she was feeling cute, the Life of the Party actor replied:

“Benward replied, “Told ya, you wayyyyyy cuter 😏.”

The love birds made it official.